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ISBN#: 1-60601-105-7
September 2008
Book Strand
102 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Eve lives with her English parents on the Italian-occupied island of Rhodes. Her parents and brothers are intellectuals, and her brother sympathizes with the resistance against the oppressive Fascists. They do not consider her intelligent enough to confide in.

Julio Falcone is an Italian policeman, but no Fascist. He has been reassigned from his home in Parma to Rhodes to make a superior look good. He has fallen in love with Eve and wishes that she would share her secrets with him.

The Fascist Party of Italy is tightening its hold on the island of Rhodes, determined to prove the Italian civilization of Rome superior to the Greek. They are seizing antiquities and resistance supporters. It is a dangerous time and Eve is determined that her scholarly parents and idealistic brother remain safe. She has fallen for an Italian policeman, but is not sure whether she can trust him.

I liked Eve immediately. She is full of common sense, good values, and is a hard worker. The rest of her family I was not so thrilled about. A more condescending bunch would be hard to find. They treat her like an idiot child and expect her to work ceaselessly to take care of them, when I suspect that they could well afford someone to help her. Julio is a great character; he is trying to get by in a very trying time. He and Eve have a very sweet love story with a lot of suspense, and a particularly vile villain. Ms. Townsend paints a beautiful picture of Rhodes and its towns and people, as well as giving the reader a plot fraught with tension and danger.

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