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ISBN# 978-0-06-133634-8
January 2008
AVON Books (an Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lady Portia Ellerslie is not only a lady of impeccable breeding; she is also a dear confidante to Queen Victoria. Lady Portia wishes desperately to be held by a man, but to do so could ruin her reputation.

Marcus Worthorne is intrigued when he first meets Portia. Her skin, too soft, too warm and too touchable, yet he wants to touch her. There is just one prerequisite. Her identity must remain a secret and she must keep the veil on.

Portia is a widow. It has been two years since her husband’s death. She could remarry but the Queen likes her to remain as she is. She believes Portia is a beacon and that others should follow in her steps. At twenty-seven, she still has desires and would like to feel how it would be to be a woman again. With a bit of disguise she visits the Aphrodite Club and looks for the one man to make all her fantasies come true. She never imagined one night of passion would make her desire stronger. Marcus gets an invitation from the Aphrodite Club where he can sample some delights. He has never been to this club but gives in to the invitation. The lady in the veil, and in scarlet, is quite intriguing, but he decides to leave. The Madame of the Club wonders why he did not find a woman. She tells him the secretive woman in the scarlet and veil, wishes his presence. Just his gaze upon her burns her skin. One night with Marcus and it is unforgettable, she is like an opium addict, she craves more, as they are drawn into the spider's web. When Portia turns up missing, people begin to wonder if it was a plot to disrupt the queen and her government. She has risked much to have moments with Marcus. But he wonders does she really trust him?

A Seduction in Scarlet really lives up to its name. This stirring read captures the essence of the romance and passion between Portia and Marcus. I found them credible characters that reached out and grabbed me. When Marcus calls her his prisoner, my heart melted. The secondary cast adds depth to the story while lending some action that kept me spellbound. The love between Portia and Marcus is so tender and moving; it captivates the audience and sweeps them into a passion to surpass the ages. Sara Bennett skillfully pens fabulous tales that always draw me to her stories over and over. She elegantly takes pen in hand and creates a setting, remarkable people and intrigue that consume the reader with every single word.

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