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ISBN#: (10) 0-9799423-5-7/ (13) 978-0-9799423-5-8
December 2007
Romance at Heart
231 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Annabel Browne is a writer of whodunits with an erotic tinge. An unhappy love affair when she was in her early twenties makes her wary of relationships, but she has many friends in her condo complex in Ocean Breeze.

Adam Tremayne is a wealthy and successful poet. He is pursued by many women, but his sensitive poetic nature is turned off by these aggressive women. He is intrigued by a quiet woman that he meets at a publisher’s party.

Two shy and quiet writers meet at a party and are separated by a vicious woman. They later meet again under much different circumstances that enable them to get to know each other and fall in love. They discover after they are married that they do not know as much about each other as they thought, which causes misunderstanding and conflict.

I really like this author’s work and, as usual, this is a well thought out story with sympathetic characters and an interesting story line. I did, however, find the dialogue a bit stilted and the two main characters a bit oversensitive at times. Their love story is very tastefully sensual with a moral tone not often found in this type of story. The author has a fine sense of justice and most of her characters are either good people or not good people and they get what they deserve for the most part. The poetry at the end of the book is very well written, though I am by no means a fan of poetry in general. They tie in nicely with the main character’s profession. I also liked how the author brought in characters from her former books back for this story and that everyone was tied together by either the town or the publishing house.

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