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ISBN# Unavailable
August 2006
Lulu Press, Inc.
860 Aviation Parkway, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560
158 Pages
Rating: 3 cups

Ashaki, African tribal matchmaker, has found a life in bustling Miami complete with her own beauty parlor. She is beautiful, talented, and likeable. Life is good, or so she thinks.

Terrance is Ashaki’s rich and handsome boyfriend. When he not only breaks up with her, but also announces his engagement to his ex-wife, Ashaki’s world is turned upside down.

Ashaki focuses her revenge on Terrance’s fiancée, Regina. When her father arrives from Africa, Ashaki’s plotting takes an even more dangerous turn. How far will she carry her revenge? “Ashaki’s Beauty Parlor” takes the reader through the wild nightclubs of Miami to secret voodoo rituals in back rooms.

J.L. Foster has created a lively modern story containing both comical, and sad, moments. The cast of characters are memorable and as diverse as the city of Miami itself. Although the intentional misspelled words such as “gurl” and “bois” can be distracting, Foster’s writing is well done and original, as only a book about an African voodoo matchmaker with two gay best friends, who are bent on revenge, could be.

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