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ISBN# Unavailable
March 2008
Torquere Press
9 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Asher enjoys cross-dressing. He also enjoys teasing his buddy Derek, but teasing Derek could be like teasing a tiger if he is not careful.

Derek is friends with Asher, and while he may moan about how long Asher takes to get ready and act as though it is spoiling his fun, he likes the final result very much.

When Asher teases Derek by feeling him up in a moving elevator, Derek clearly likes it, but also does not want to get caught. However, when Asher stops the elevator and gets down to some serious teasing, will Derek take him up on his challenge?

Asher and the Elevator Romp is great erotica! Ms. Nichols does a fantastic job of allowing the reader into Asher's head and thus gives the reader great insight into his personality. The descriptions of Derek and Asher are well-defined, something that not all authors can pull off successfully. The sex is sizzlin' making this one hot read. I really enjoyed reading about these two, and hope that the author will be writing more about them, as this is one reader who wants to know what happens next!

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