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ISBN# 1-59998-872-0
January 29, 2008
Samhain Publishing
336 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Princess Susannah, the eldest of 12 princesses, cannot marry because of a curse the fairy, Malady, made that the nobility shall bear no sons. Susannah was bestowed several curses at her christening, one of which is that she will not marry the man of her choosing.

Jon Tom, a handsome and mysterious detective is hired by the Queen to guard her daughters. Every night they mysteriously elude the palace guards and go dancing. The only evidence of this are the exhausted princesses and their ruined dancing shoes.

Every night, Susannah and her sisters have been traveling to a secret place by magic and dancing with handsome, yet complacent princes. It is Susannah’s fondest wish to find love but she knows that she must do her duty and marry for the kingdom if a suitable noble man is found. While trying very hard to break the ‘female curse’ she is distracted by Jon Tom. He is quite persistent and she finds herself falling hard, yet must hide her special abilities from him. She must also do the right thing for her family and her kingdom and that does not involve a man who is not a noble.

A Spell for Susannah is absolutely fantastic. Exceptionally told with the look and feel of a fairy tale, but this is no story for children. With exceptionally detailed prose, the author creates a sensuous fantasy world complete with romance, fairies, spells and intrigue. The depth and personality of all the characters made the story even more enjoyable. I absolutely adored the twelve princesses and would have loved to have gotten to know more of them better. This is one highly entertaining and original novel. I would not ever hesitate to read anything by Jody Wallace.

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