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ISBN# 978-1-60168-108-9
June 6, 2008
Aspen Mountain Press
461 Pages
Fantasy with romantic elements
Rating: 5 cups

Tamsen de Asphodel is a woman with much magical power. However, a previous battle forced her to use every bit of it and now she is very weak. In spite of this, and her husband Brial’s determination to protect her so she can regain her strength, she is determined to make certain a new king is chosen for Ansienne.

Brial Ka’Breona is Tamsen’s husband and an Elf. He loves Tamsen above all else and will do anything to protect her from her scheming uncle who seeks to take the throne. But Brial has little magic compared to his wife, or her uncle, and this makes it more difficult for him.

When Tamsen is finally able to determine who will be the best king, she is more than relieved. However, she knows that is only the beginning of her uncleʼs treachery. He is just waiting on the sidelines to destroy all that she has helped to create. When the attack comes, not even her beloved gods, or their messenger, the long dead Elven Seer Daphnis, may be able to help. Will Tamsen and Brialʼs love, as well as the love of their friends, be enough to stop her uncle, or will the new kingdom fall before it ever has a chance?

This has to be the best fantasy romance I have ever read. I could not put this book down until I had read the final page. While it is clearly the second book in a series, the author does such a good job of weaving background information into the storyline that the reader never feels cheated. Ms. Summers skillfully draws her readers into the book. The characters are so realistic that they appear to step from the pages. A devilishly wonderful book that I highly recommend to one and all!

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