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ISBN# 978-1-55487-231-2
February 1, 2009
Extasy Books
E Book
320 pages
Gay Romance, m/m
Rating: 4 Cups

Shannon Sullivan has been a good friend to Ciaran, in fact he considers him his best friend. He shares in his heartbreak and wishes to console him. In a town where the love he feels for Ciaran is forbidden, Shannon is about to break all society's rules.

Ciaran O'Kelly is at a loss when his mother passes. He feels it was cruel, the way she up and died. With so much anguish and torment churning inside his heart, he turns to the one person who can offer solace, Shannon.

Ciaran finds it hard to forget the appearance of his mother after her death. He is able to turn to Shannon, someone almost as close as a brother. Each has something troubling in their past that draws them together. It is uncanny how they both seem to instantaneously feel and share in the same pain. They develop a physical contact hard to deny. When they take a trip to Dublin, they are drawn even closer. As their passion slowly burns toward each other, the embers become even hotter. Will they be able to finally give in to their desires or will they turn away?

A Summer Without Rain is a poignant tale. The character of Ciaran is so believable that I found myself sharing in his loss. The way Shannon dotes over Ciaran shows a sign of compassion undeniably real. It was devotion beyond measure. I loved the scenery and depictions, with the lovely array of landscape that could be visualized by this reader. Christie Gordon weaves emotions into the storyline, making this an incredible read. She captures the essence of two men trying to maintain their love in a society that considers them outcasts. The story flows at a good pace and does not lose the reader.

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