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October 2005        
Venus Press
34 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Olivia DeBenning leads, what some would say, a charmed life. She has had her share of accidents, yet even those that should have been fatal, somehow were not. When she and her friends try to save Greystone Castle, she does not realize she may also be in need of saving.

Death’s job as the Grim Reaper has been to take souls from the bodies and start them on their journey to the next level. However, he has never been able to take that final step with Olivia.

When Oliva’s committee holds a Halloween ball to save Greystone Castle, she goes dressed as Cinderella. She meets a strangely familiar man there as well. Unfortunately, someone at the party wants this Cinderella to lose more than her shoe, maybe even her life. If there is no Prince Charming available, who will come to Olivia’s rescue?

This is a mysteriously haunting little tale that slowly reveals a horrible realization at the end. The heroine does not wish to see the truth about the danger to her life, even when Death himself strikes up a conversation with her. The end satisfies and gives the reader the promise of romance.  

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