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ISBN # 1-934166-69-3, 978-1-934166-69-7
January 2007
Torquere Press
74 Pages
Gay comedy romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Michael is an angel working as a Human Suicide Prevention Executive; or in layman terms, a guardian angel. He enjoys helping people but does not like all the red tape that comes with the job. His new case is a very depressed politician and he encounters Ben, a demon involved in this case.

Ben is a demon that loves to push things to the limit and break all the rules. Incorporating himself into Michael’s case, he believes they should do whatever it takes to make this man happy no matter the cost.

Michael and Ben are complete opposites; one a demon and one an angel. They are not supposed to mix, yet they cannot fight their growing feelings for each other. They work together to give the case a happy ending, but they have one last hurdle to overcome before they can be together; Michael's mother.

The concept of this story is great. I very much enjoyed the comedic banter between the characters and the joining of good and evil to work for one cause. However, I was slightly disappointed with the depth of the story. I wish it had a bit more background on the characters and a bit more chemistry to make this book pop. Overall this was a good read.

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