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August 2006
Cerridwen Press
222 pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 cups

DEA Agent Dominique “Domino” Petracelli is a woman wanting to move up in this more male oriented society of law enforcement. She accepts an undercover assignment, assuming the identity of a dominatrix named Mistress Bella for a local sex club. This job is a way to get into a better position for possible promotion.

Metro PD Detective Dalton Cutter is on a Special Investigations team and his partner of six years, Jason Walters, was murdered while undercover at a local sex club. Blaming himself because it should have been him, not Jason, Dalton goes without permission and infiltrates the same club his partner was investigating, to avenge his death.

Domino Petracelli comes across Dalton C. as one of her “S & M” customers. He is new to the club and she gets to introduce him to this world of domination and submission. Dalton wants to find the killer, and to do that he must “submit” to Mistress Bella, and that is unnatural for him. He is then found hiding by Mistress Bella, who exposes him as a cop and almost gets him killed, but also reveals their true selves.

This book starts off with a sex club and drugs, with murder and mistaken identities thrown in. We learn the ways of undercover law enforcement and learn that agencies have no idea they may be working the same case, and that can make for strange bedfellows. They learned that you cannot believe everything you see on a case. This was a fun book and it gives us a look at the sex club subculture. Everyone had to look inward and find their inner strengths and weaknesses. This book covers many issues and it also shows we can work together and triumph over adversity.

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