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ISBN# 978-0-6151-8802-7
March 2008
WolfSinger Publications
trade paperback/ ebook
$16.95 / $5.95
156 Pages
Rating 3 Cups

Cinderella's Funeral

Cinderella's Funeral is one version of what can happen happily ever after.

Instead of happy tales it is a bit more melancholy.

I enjoyed the not so obvious point of view

Ellette's New World

Ellette tried her best to save her Lady but the barbarians managed to reach her with an arrow. Struggling to survive, she sets of to tell the king.

Ellette meets up with trouble and is assisted by “forest creatures” or sprites. What she learns from them proves to be invaluable.

After the king rejects her plea to join up with the army, she goes to her own world and destiny.

Ellette is a very likeable character that is tough as nails no matter what is before her.

Portrait of the Artist in Manganese and Copper Oxide

Teri Rozen has always resented who her mother is and her views on artists. Her mother is the famous artist, Rena Hawke. She is now on a special trip to prove her mom’s theory about artwork and lay it to rest. Or, is she?

As Teri and her driver, Acibo, check out the artifacts and wall coverings, they encounter a human boy who is not supposed to be there. Hoping to learn from him, they make plans to gather more information.

However, the weather is not co-operating with them and they leave. But they have not left empty-handed and hope to return.

This is a great example of one cannot always see things by another's perspective until they walk in the shoes of the other.

The Witch's Revenge

Trudel was decapitated by a soldier and left for dead. Good thing she had her grandmother’s spell that could get her together again. Now she needs to get her belongings back and get revenge on the man who did it.

King Karl is the man Trudel is after. He is fueled by greed of money and power. Yet, he will soon find out that what he has gained, he will now loose.

Trudel uses her cleaver mind to convince the Queen of what king Karl has done and engage her help to make a wrong into a right.

A cute chuckle can be served with the revenge story. Very intertaining.

Harleys in Driftwood

Tara has a talent to take ordinary pieces of driftwood and make them into works of art. She makes them into Harley Motorcycles.

Mickey has contributed some wood to Tara’s cause and soon they strike up a friendship as well.

Tara is now going to have her own gallery showing and cannot wait to show Mickey the custom paint job she has on her real Harley.

This one is a story that has great imagination. Making the art three dimensional.

Her Sheltering Wings

Her Sheltering Wings is a battle between dark and light, love and pain.

This is a very real portrait of the ying and yang of things that sometimes both can be balanced in order to just be.

Kaserie's Choice

Kaserie has been a slave for years. She works in the kitchen of the inn doing all the grunge work. She is just trying to stay low and out of trouble

Kaserie and others try to avoid being in the presence of a Seeker without a Shaman because the Seeker can suck the life right out of them rendering them useless.

Finding out what really happened to her father and after his bold escape, is now up to Kaserie. She must make a choice to either free her father or flee for her own safety.

I like Kaserie she proved to be a real strong woman in a “childs” body. Very interesting choice of a storyline.


Taris Marchall feels it is time to retire at the age of 62. She is now ready to go to the home where her mother and grandmother retired, and enjoy herself raising horses.

Aulin is a unicorn that has stayed with Taris and is just waiting to hear those three little words.

When those words are whispered, Taris and Aulin’s lives will change for the rest of time.

True love has no boundaries. I liked this short story a little-bitty shifter story.

Second Moon

Falev has always wanted something he could not have. But he schemed and found a way to have it. Only getting Aritei the way she is was never what he wanted and it is pushing him to the limits.

Aritei is just a shell of her former self and she does not know who she is or why she mumbles a few choice words over and over.

Annoyed at her behavior, Falev calls on Jison the wizard to do his bidding again. He wants a real woman. With heavy warnings that the spell can fail and backfire, Jison reluctantly does Falev’s bidding.

Wow! This has to be one of my favorites. Karma and paybacks will always get you in the end. I read this one with a smile.

A Visit to Potter's Field

Griselda told futures during her time alive and it has plagued her into the grave so that anyone who digs her up can ask her a question and she must answer.

A young man digs her up and wants advice on whether or not a certain girl he likes is the one true love for him.

Griselda gives him an answer and he follows the advice. Yet, down the road a bit things do not turn out as expected.

This is my favorite. I loved the humorous way this story is written. Very amusing.


Leanansidhe rules on her coral throne. She has the power of the words that some may speak. She also has the power to take it away if she feels someone is too proud or make an untrue vow.

One chooses to try to accept the gifts she has to offer, only to be refused and the blood now seeps into her cauldron of the deep.

The penalty of dying can be changed if one takes a chance to please her by writing a poem to warn those who seek her gift that they will find the fate that others have found when searching for the gift of the lovely Leanansidhe.”

I truthfully did not seem to grasp this one. It just did not appeal to me. It seems so dark.

Mentor for Hire

Rees is the new Alchemist. Not many people are accepting of a woman who does this type of job. So, when she is paid a large some of money to try to teach an unruly child the basics of alchemy, she is truly in for a challenge; especially since the child is from the richest family in the city. If she fails, it can be disastrous to everything she has worked for.

However, what she is in store for is far more than she bargains for. She does her best and after a long, harrowing day the mentoring and the outcome are most satisfactory.

Believing her job is done, Rees is surprised to see another client request the same service, hoping for the same results.

It seems to me to you should be careful what you want or need as it may come in a form you are most certain not to like. This is also a story that is a bit quirky.

Ngati and the Listeners

Ngati, the Goddess of Little Voices, likes to help out sometimes and sometimes she likes to play tricks.

She helps keep a boy from falling from a wall; she upsets a woman trying to decide what color to dye her yarn.

Ngati is neither good nor bad. She just is. And she has a good time being her eccentric self.

Oh to have the power. I enjoyed the antics of Ngati, she is very childlike.

Broken Vows

Hippolyta has chosen the life she thought she wanted, to be with her King Theseus, the son of Poseidon. But she must make her way back to her home, forfeit what she had in that former life, and give the crown to someone else.

King Theseus, against everyone’s advice including his father's, chases after Hippolyta to bring her back. Only what he finds is not what he expects.

Things are very different on Lemnos, yet for Hippolyta this is home and she cannot leave. She now must make a choice that breaks her heart in order to be truly happy. She must convince Theseus to release her.

This is an out-of-the-ordinary way to look at some characters from Greek mythology. A pleasant read.

Tempting the Fates

Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos are the three fates that weave the threads of life into what becomes reality. They follow the plan already set in order.

They talk about woman’s lives being predictable and the story always the same, happily ever after. But, as the night wears on things take a slight turn the opposite way.

Not realizing the slight of hand that happened the night before, the fates weave the threads they had spun into a new tapestry, thus changing the structure and order of the way things always were.

Tempting the fates is a great twist on the “what if the woman ruled idea”. This is entertaining to read.

The Delegate

Noiba Kune has been chosen as a delegate to the world Congress for the L5 or Lagrangian points wanting to secede from Lunar Governance. Many feel that those who live there are not owners but caretakers of the properties.

Tentwofive is an android representative with a totally different view and thinks he will immigrate to the L5 colonies with his own people.

When the time comes, Nobia takes the two sides of the issue at hand and composes her thoughts, relying on ancient history and the words of one man to make a difference.

This was a bit strange for me at first but I like the underlying message it sends about all being equal.

The Unholy

Olin likes mankind, he enjoys the people and he is motivated by peace and love and rules by being kind and generous.

Endellion, is just the opposite. She does not like anything about them and loves to rule thru fear and torment.

Although each has their own way of dealing with the humans, they ultimately are two of the same. They enjoy back and forth banter and look forward to it in a battle of heaven and Hell.

Humor is what this story entails, battle for good and evil with a comedic undertone.

Virgin and the Unicorn

A beautiful young virgin, as fair as she can be, heads toward the unicorn; she embraces him with a touch, a stroke of her hand.

The unicorn observes her beauty and the way she is moving, yet he sees something that causes him to shrink away.

All is not right, something is amiss, and the something the unicorn sees will change him now.

This is another with which I had a hard time. The words just seemed to confuse me.

This is a rather large collection of poems and very short stories by various authors. They are all very different, each telling a bit about the author and what lurks in their mind. Yet they all have an underlying theme that seems to deal with the opposite of what we all have perceived as the “correct” order of things. That men and women play specific roles that cannot be changed. I enjoyed some of these but I also found myself lost on more than a few. But, as I am not a poetry reader or read much of this genre, I would suggest that for something different from the norm on your reading list you try this collection of stories.

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