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November 6, 2007
Berkley (Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
304 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ven is a warrior whose first priority is duty. With a heavy war raging against the vampires, he must serve as Atlantean liaison to the humans. When the mission calls him to recover a ruby of overwhelming power, he must fight his feelings for a beautiful witch.

Erin Connors feels an abundance of vengeance in her heart since her family was murdered. She is not too keen on being paired with an Atlantean warrior when it seems they will only butt heads and possibly melt the ice trapped in her heart.

Ven is tired of vampires with their half-truths and shadowed threats. He is also upset that he has waited to meet a wizard who is forty-five minutes late. How can he discuss any Magicals-Atlantean alliances if the person in question makes him wait? Thoughts of him being in line to the throne enter his mind. He does not want that responsibility and can only hope his brother will have the offspring for that obligation. Enter Erin who suddenly shifts the thoughts in his head. Just one glimpse at her and he feels heat all over. Of course he immediately lets her know she is late. Erin informs him that he is the warrior and she, the witch, with a capital W. She can feel the heat oozing from him but she is there on a mission. Erin needs the coven and the Atlanteans for her quest. She is the only Magical in her area that believes in her quest and needs this alliance with Ven. After Erin is suddenly trapped; she summons Ven telepathically to her rescue. Trouble is Ven’s specialty. It is his job to find and protect her. Can the two form an alliance when Ven is desperately trying to run from emotions with a woman that he continues to tell is not his style? Or can Erin fall in love with Ven while learning to make Atlantis her home?

Atlantis Awakening is a must read for those who love a great fantasy. The huge cast of characters is well-developed. The imagery is indeed breathtaking in this gripping fantasy. Erin and Ven are a dynamic couple who emit bravery throughout their battles. The thoughts that run through their heads when they are in close proximity are often quite scrumptious. This reader was intrigued with the depiction of the vampires, witches and everything surrounding the story. The tale moves at a good pace while keeping the reader entertained. Alyssa Day goes all out to bring a fantastic tale to life while allowing the reader to become attached to the characters and their roles. I believe Ms. Day has crafted a great Atlantis series that will always stay forever in the heart.

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