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ISBN: 978-1-90313-190-2
March 2008
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
227 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Going for Eight

Gerry Dillon is back home in Brander, Texas. His days of bull riding came to a screeching halt after Stampede was done with him. Now he has his sights set on the one woman who has never been far from his thoughts.

Charlie Freemont is aware of the fact that her father will never leave her the ranch. She can run the ranch as well as any man, but not in her father’s eyes. The only man she has ever wanted to share her life with took off for the PBR, and never looked back, until now.

Gerry is back on the ranch, but getting Charlie alone has proved next to impossible. She is avoiding him at all costs, but he is not going to let it deter him. Knowing she will show up at the VFW, he lays in wait. Charlie is almost as exasperated with Gerry’s macho man attitude as she is turned on…almost. Now that Gerry has her cornered, can he convince her to give him one more chance?

Melissa Schroeder has a talent for giving her characters some major heat. Gerry and Charlie are full of attitude and sex appeal. The story is fast and sexy with great dialog. I loved the characters and will definitely look forward to more from Ms. Schroeder.

The Twelfth Knight

Lady Willamina de Coucey is no lady, at least not to the troupe of men she performs with. To them, she is one of the guys, literally. They do not know she is a woman, and she would like to keep it that way.

Sir Garret Fitz Hugh is known as Adonis to his companions. They find him near death, and without any recollection as to his true identity. His memory soon returns, but he needs to keep his secret until he knows the truth behind his attack.

Minna is stunned, frightened, and ultimately aroused when Adonis reveals his knowledge of her gender. She has harbored an intense desire for him from the first time she saw him. She also feels that somehow she should know him, but when she learns his identity, that feeling becomes a truth. Garret bares his soul when he sings for his troupe at the Renwar Castle, his song calling out to his rival. Minna and Garret must bury a past in order to have a future, if they live long enough to get the chance.

This is a tale of betrayal and pain that leads to a love that cannot be denied. Ms. Valmont gives her characters a heart and soul, and provides the reader with a wonderfully written love story.

Nocturnal Offering

Nadia Kimble is an author of vampire novels. However her success in writing is in direct contrast to her success in love. She finds happiness and fulfillment without needing a man to complete her. Her perfect man is in her dreams, and she is not about to settle for less.

Charles Poitier lost the love of his life 800 years ago. She vowed to return to him, and that time is almost at hand. His beloved Rhiannon is finally ready to be his eternal bride; she just does not know it yet.

Nadia needs no man to validate her life, but it would be nice to enjoy the pleasure of one’s touch. Her writing and cycling are very fulfilling, but sometimes the need for more is undeniable. She dreams nightly of her fantasy lover, and her latest novel feels more like truth than fiction. As Charles watches Nadia pleasure herself, he knows that the time is drawing near for their reunion. Somehow he must convince her to attend his ball, only then will she rediscover her true self.

This story bursts with emotion from the very beginning. It is as heart wrenching as it is sensual. Monica Martin takes her characters to the extreme and leaves nothing out. Her work is erotic and satisfying in every way.

Masked Desires

Ava Clinton is the personal secretary to Matthew Lord III. He may be her boss, but he also has a starring role in her fantasies. Just his voice is enough to make her quiver.

Matthew Lord III is extremely successful when it comes to business. His instincts are usually dead on, and when he first sets eyes on Ava something just clicks. The fact that she is his employee makes the situation somewhat more complicated.

Ava is more than a bit surprised when she receives one of the most coveted invitations of the year. Matthew has invited her to his family’s Mardi Gras party, a masked affair for the upper echelon of society. Matthew is sure that if he can get Ava to his party, he can finally show her how he really feels. Hopefully those feelings are reciprocated, or he has lost not only a wonderful secretary, but also the woman he loves.

Ms. Poff has created a story that is both tender and tantalizing. The characters are intriguing and the story well written. The air of mystery created by a masked ball is a wonderfully creative way to enhance the level of desire, and makes for one very steamy read.

Knock Three Times

Chemise Logan has inherited her aunt’s shop, and strangely enough an Egyptian lamp. Jokingly she taps the lamp three times, not knowing she is about to get just what she wished for.

Sir Lucien Darby is Zander’s prisoner in the lamp. His release by Chemise at first irritates him, but upon closer inspection, he is intrigued. He just hopes that he is not being toyed with again.

Chemise finds herself face to face with the most gorgeous man. The fact that he is scowling at her does not lessen the fierce attraction she feels. Lucien wants more than anything for Chemise to be the one, even knowing that will put her in danger. He will call on Isis to protect her if he has to, but that is a last resort. Chemise soon discovers that her feelings for Lucien are much more than superficial, and she will do anything to protect him; even if it means going up against Isis and Zander.

This is as fun and quirky as it is hot and sexy. Ms. Jans has developed lively characters with sharp and witty dialogue. This is a great read, and I loved every word.

Spanish Lullaby

Carlos Verde, Marquess de Santorino is finally back from war. He may be a little battered, but at least he is alive. The one thing that kept him going was Juliet.

Lady Juliet Stather is finally ready to move on. Her engagement to Lord Drake is a testament to the end of a childhood crush. The love she felt for Carlos died the day he left her, and went to war.

Carlos knows full well the pain he caused Juliet, but that does not stop him from pursuing her. She kept him going when he could have easily given in to death and despair. Juliet is determined not to allow Carlos to sway her again, but her heart has its own agenda. One song in his beautiful baritone has her in his arms once again. But how can she trust him not to leave her again?

Emma Wildes has a loving and sensuous style to her writing. Her characters are full of life and their story passionate. A wonderful read that is sure to please.

A Torrid Celebration is just that; a celebration of love and passion that conquers all odds. Each story is well written and full of sexy and sensual characters. How can you go wrong with cowboys, knights, vampires, and much much more all in one place? The heroes are rock hard and handsome, and the heroines strong and sexy. The authors are top notch, and I look forward to reading more from each one.

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