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ISBN# (10) 0-345-45658-0 / (13) 978-0-345-45658-8
March 2007
Ballantine Books
Random House
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
$21.95 U.S./$27.95 Canada
320 Pages
Historical; Fiction - Suspense; Fiction - War
Rating: 5 Cups

Chaplain Joseph Reavley realizes the losses that war inflicts on both sides of the fighting; it not only wears thin on those in the fields but others enduring their own strain. He grows tired of seeing the fatigued men that are hungry, frightened and praying for a war to end. Now in the center of all the conflict, he prays there will be answers to help him find the truth while unlocking any loyalty and honor that still lies among the troops.

Judith Reavley drives an ambulance and enters the fields to carry out any wounded that need medical help. In the course of her life she meets many nurses, doctors and soldiers that touch her life. She goes the extra distance to help anyone, including her brothers when justice and truth needs to be served.

It is an intense battle zone with the Battle of Passchendaele that sends Joseph right in the center of the action after an officer, Major Northrup, is killed for sending many men into combat that ended up dying needlessly because of incompetence and wrong decisions. It is an investigation that not only wears thin on him but his sister, Judith, too, who insists on joining in for answers. That is only the beginning because Matthew, their brother who works with British intelligence is seeking the sabotaging of Britain’s war effort. In no time they are thrown deep into the hot embrace of the war, and someone has to pay for the killings. Matthew searches diligently for a darkened figure called the Peacemaker that wishes nothing better than to stop Britain from being triumphant in the war. While Matthew busies himself in England, Joseph’s trials carry him into parts of Switzerland deep into another enemy territory that only brings more despair and grief. With intense fighting abounding, taking as many soldiers as will allow, trust, loyalty and truth must find a spot among all the bloodshed to bring justice to the slain.

At Some Disputed Barricade is a heart-wrenching saga where this reader feels the sorrow, the hurt, and the pain of the soldiers as they fight in combat. The loud sounds of war and bloodshed are most ubiquitous in this compelling drama. My heart went out to Joseph as he searches for unanswered questions, seeking answers to the death of the officer. I commend Judith’s strength as she heads straight into the battlefield, unafraid. Her independence and determination shines through in this story. Anne Perry creates a World War I series that is richly detailed, with well-rounded characters, great visualization and a strong sensation of being in the center of the atmosphere of the war itself. This extraordinary tale lends remarkable believability and emotions that leave a huge unforgettable impression on the reader. I can still see visions of the bloody battlefield and the terrifying cries of the wounded, scared soldiers.

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