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ISBN# (10): 0-446-69533-5/ (13): 978-0-446-69533-6
November 2, 2007
Grand Central Publishing (Hachette Book Group USA)
237 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10017
$12.99 U.S./$14.99 Canada
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Adrianna Moore cannot believe her father is dead. The lion of a man, who never allowed his crippling polio to get to him, is gone. After losing her mother at fifteen, her father never let her go without anything. Now she learns her home has been left to their lawyer. Adrianna thinks Richard Pope is nothing but a social climber and wonders what is worse, burying her father or hearing the news about the estate. Richard informs her they must marry. Once they are wed she can have everything she has been accustomed to. He sets the date for a week from Sunday.

Quinn Baxter knows about hard times living in a depression. He has worked his life as a logger. With a business to run, his time is valuable and money tight. After Adrianna hits his truck and he loses his cargo, he demands payment.

Distracted over the situation with her father's lawyer, Adrianna takes off driving during a rainstorm. Quinn cannot believe a brainless woman hits his truck and destroys the alcohol needed for the Whipsaw, his tavern. More importantly he also needs a piano player. After meeting Adrianna, she appears entirely different than what he thought. Adrianna can play piano and offers her services to replace the damages. Quinn agrees but insists she live in his home, and tutor his younger brother, Jesse, who is bedridden. She accepts, anything to be away from Richard. Quinn and Adrianna soon discover how well opposites attract as they are pulled together, but no matter how safe she may feel, Richard is not far behind. When Richard’s wrath crosses their path, Adrianna learns something she never expected.

A Week From Sunday is an incredible story. Jesse leaves a tender spot in the reader’s heart. Quinn and Adrianna are like two lost souls finally finding their life mate. The challenges they both face, during the depression, as well as their troubled lives, can be felt by this reader. Richard is pure evil at its best. Dark secrets, intriguing twists and turns, a crafty plot, and dynamic characters make this a solid good read. Dorothy Garlock weaves a drama that not only keeps the reader entertained but spellbound and an explosive ending that practically knocks the socks off.

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