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ISBN# (10) 0-373-06646-5 / (13) 978-0-373-06646-9
May 2008
Harlequin Romance
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
$4.75 US/$5.75 Canada
185 Pages
Harlequin Medical/ Tender Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Dr Hugh Scott has been mourning his wife's death for two years. He is cranky and irritable and becoming downright nasty to his patients and friends. He does not want another female doctor to take her place in the practice, and when the new locum arrives, she is way more than he bargained for. He tries everything he can do to send her back.

Dr. Alex Lorimer is the locum that has taken on the temporary assignment. She likes to keep things short term so she can take off on adventures that challenge her. She manages to make everyone in the small town like her, even the town's most ornery resident. She has no plans to stay after her time is up, but when she finds herself involved with Hugh, she is torn over her decision to leave.

Hugh realizes he has been a horse's behind to Alex and many others. He finally decides he will always love his former wife, but that it is time to move on and let her go. He also has feelings for Alex that come to light, but she still has plans to leave and he is now going to do everything in his power to keep her there with him.

What a tender love story. Alex and Hugh must both face the past to confront the future. They are a very unexpected couple, but love finds everyone, even the unexpected. With some humor along with the serious dialogue, you will enjoy this book from start to end. Thank you, Ms. Kingsley for a pleasurable read.

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