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ISBN # 978-1-58749-670-7
June 13, 2008
Awe-struck E-books, Inc
$ 4.99
311 Pages
Sci-Fi Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tressa Loring is a young lady who has led a rather protected life for the year 2105.   Even with her work as a MedTech assistant, she has not treated unclothed males. Tressa’s father, Jonathan, owns LorTech Equipment which is a fast-growing research equipment company.  This makes Tressa a tempting target on the marriage market. The primary problem is that Tressa has become too tempting a target.  There is a threat and her father needs her gone while he finds out who is after his daughter.

Nick Banner is a randy six-foot-four rogue with an air of danger and an innate ability to attract women.  He works as a free-lance cargo pilot for LorTech, and Jonathan Loring trusts him. Nick is single because that is the way he wants it.  He will take what is offered, but it is just a diversion.  Tressa’s father wants Nick and his ship, the Victorious, to transport her somewhere safe.  The additional problem is that Nick does not carry women, especially not when it means three weeks with hands off the merchandise.

A bickering romance, pirates, kidnappers, and a chase through space ensure the pace is nonstop.  The woman can take care of business.  The bad boy hero keeps a grin on your face and your hand ready to reach for the next page.

I loved this Banner’s Bonus as much as I did the first time I read it in 1995.  The characters are as fabulous as the first read.  The story is just as compelling.  Banner’s Bonus is a classic.  I am keeping this book this time around because I know I will re- read it time and again.  I suggest everyone add it to their library.  It is a winner!

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