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ISBN#: 9780979744471
August 2008
Erotictales Publications
P.O. Box 39, Adrian MI 49279
214 Pages
Erotic/Fantasy Romance
Rating: 2 cups

Lita is a woman from Earth who is taken against her will from her home planet by barbarians from the planet Malka. The love of her life is Jack. She is a medical student.

Jack is Lita’s lover and also a medical student.

When Jack and Lita are attacked by aliens, they can scarcely believe it. Jack is immobilized and Lita is carried off by huge men. Hearing her screams, Jack manages to fight off the immobilization enough to jump onto the ship before it takes off back to the stars. When the aliens find him passed out from hitting his head in their cargo bay, they are not happy with the discovery. They do not kill him, however, but before it is all over he may wish they had. Jack and Lita are taken to a planet where the men are huge and there is a shortage of women, hence Lita’s kidnapping. Jack finds himself in a world where he is not big enough, nor strong enough to be Lita’s protector, and she is actually given to another warrior to be his mate. With the leader of another people trying his best to start a war between the barbarian clans, there is a heck of a lot of political maneuvering going on. Only time will tell if Jack and Lita will be allowed to be together.

Barbarians of Malka has an engaging storyline. There are good guys aplenty and just enough villains to keep things interesting. Unfortunately, unless you have read the other books in this series, it is very difficult to follow what is going on. There are no real main characters. Although clearly, Lita and Jack were meant to be the main focus of the story, it just doesn’t happen and ends up falling flat. That old saying about too many cooks spoiling the soup is also true of this book. Because there are too many characters it makes it very difficult to keep track of what is happening. It seems as if there are several individual storylines all going on within this book at the same time. This book would have garnered a higher rating were there not so much head hopping going on, but the quick jumping from one viewpoint to another makes this book hard to read.

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