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ISBN# Unavailable
June 22, 2007
Dark Eden Press
144 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Summer Peters is about ready to meet her destiny. She has come to Harvest, Louisiana to continue her research on magic. She has known from a very early age that she is somehow different, and her research is as much personal as it is business.

Cayden Beauvais is a modern day warlock. His coven is a very tight knit group of people that do not allow their gifts to be known to outsiders. His first impression of Summer is that she is no outsider.

Summer is in awe of the small town of Harvest. The very air seems to tingle with an unknown energy. She has been in town only minutes before she encounters Cayden. He is probably the most gorgeous man she has ever met and she feels an instant attraction. Within days she and Cayden discover their mutual attraction may have been preordained. Her visions and the reasons behind them are becoming frighteningly clear. Cayden is determined to aid her in any way he can. With his heart in his throat Cayden can only pray that Summer will survive the battle about to ensue.

This story is like taking a road trip and finding yourself somewhere completely unexpected. Sometimes the unexpected is the most fun! Summer had all but convinced herself she was going crazy and arriving in Harvest was just the medicine she needed. She went from being ashamed and afraid to embracing her uniqueness. Cayden loved Summer from the moment he saw her and it took everything he had not to impose his will on her. He feared for her life but knew the battle was hers to fight. This trip was a sexy and sweet little ride on the dark side.

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