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ISBN # 9781419909061
May 24, 2007
Cerridwen Press Publishers
193 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Marie Bernard lived a very orderly life as an antique dealer in New Orleans. Her world was suddenly turned upside down when she became the unwilling accomplice of a madman. To save the lives of her brother and sister, Marie would have to risk everything, including the man of her dreams.

LD Carmouche, Special Agent for the FBI, has spent his career hunting down criminals. However, keeping track of one woman seems to be more than he can handle. He knows the kind of evil they are up against and will do everything in his power to stop it. Getting personally involved is against all of the rules, but LD is about to discover that the heart does not follow any rulebook.

Marie was terrified. She was going to lose her family, her business, and maybe her life if she could not meet the demands of a madman. She had never been able to turn to anyone for help, and the FBI agent trying to help her now was no exception. With her uncanny sixth sense, Marie knew if she let Special Agent LD Carmouche come to her aid, he would be in mortal danger. The thought of losing him from her life was more than she could bear. LD could not understand Marie’s hesitancy. He was risking his career to keep her out of prison, or worse, dead. Living without Marie in his life was not an option. Can he convince her that together they can conquer anything, and make their life one great exploration?

This story was a fast and furious adventure. The story never slowed down and both characters fit their rolls perfectly. Marie is an intelligent and ingenious woman. She takes great personal risks to keep her family safe. LD makes a great FBI agent; strong, loyal, and just a little rough around the edges. Together the sparks really fly. These two could make a fearsome crime-fighting duo.

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