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ISBN#: 978-1-921347-50-4
March 2008
The Dark Castle Lords
Price Unavailable
202 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Alicia MacLean is a best-selling author and a widow for four years. She is beautiful, but shy and retiring, and very fond of her elderly friend Jane who lives next door.

Beau DeVilliers is a writer of historical fiction and the nephew of Jane. He has been a widower for eight years and very much enjoys his freedom.

Ocean Breeze West is a community occupied mostly by writers and very exclusive. Alicia and Jane are neighbors and good friends and become much closer when Jane’s very handsome nephew Beau comes for a long visit and decides that his bachelor life is over when he falls in love with Alicia.

Welcome back to Ocean Breeze where the heroes are handsome and rich and the heroines are beautiful, sweet, shy, and very domesticated. This story is no exception and is a bit predictable, but very soothing and entertaining to read. Even though the heroines are in a bit of a time warp, they are very appealing and Alicia or Lise is no exception. She is strong, if a bit prone to tears, and Beau is very sexy, if a bit selfish. Their love story has several interesting ups and downs with a very happy ending. I enjoyed it very much and only have to say two somewhat negative things. First, the story of the death of Alicia’s husband should have been told at the beginning, if at all, it really did not make sense where it was placed, and second, it seems that most professional women, except for novelists, are seen as predatory man eaters in these stories. Despite these two minor things this is a very easy and entertaining read.

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