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ISBN#: 1-59998-860-7
September 23, 2008
Samhain Publishing
168 Pages
Historical Romance/Western Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Rebecca Hamilton learns the moment she steps off the stagecoach she has inherited a whorehouse. She knows nothing about that sort of business but the real shocker is when the sheriff suddenly proposes marriage.

Adam Caldwell is sheriff of Gardiner, Texas. He greets Rebecca, when she arrives, and finds her demeanor as that of a mouse. She appears so frail when she learns about the whorehouse. Adam sees only one solution, so he offers her marriage.

Rebecca cannot believe her father’s will stipulates she marry Lucas Kilraine. He even left Lucas every possession, including her grandmother’s jewelry. When a letter arrives of Aunt Adele’s passing, giving Rebecca her possessions, it was freedom calling. She gathers her grandmother’s jewels, getting far away from Lucas. To her surprise, Aunt Adele left her a whorehouse and the four women who work there. Adam is sympathetic to Rebecca, even offering marriage. Just a simple gaze at Rebecca and he comes unglued. When the Bible women call upon her, trying to save her soul, Rebecca has a tough decision to make, especially before Adam learns about her past.

Oh my goodness, this book was a grabber the minute after I read the first page. Not only is the dialogue to die for, but I instantly warmed up to the characters. Adam is a wonderful hero and the way he jumps in to help Rebecca is so gallant. The couple matches well together. The secondary cast, especially with the Bible ladies, has some interesting moments. There were some interactions that really made this an extraordinary read. Shannon Stacey brilliantly spins a captivating book of believable players that this reader enjoyed. Gardiner was like home to me, and the intrigue that spins with Rebecca and Adam, not to mention worrying about Lucas on her trail, was awesome.

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