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ISBN# (10): 0061560634/ (13): 0061560637 Paperback (10): 0061725013 / (13): 978-0061725012 E-Book
December 2, 2008
Avon Red (Imprint of HarperCollins)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
Paperback and E-Book
$13.95 Paperback and $10.95 E-Book
272 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

One Night in Winter by Kristina Wright

Susannah Greer has not been back to her hometown in four years. When her sister summons her to come and be a part of the wedding, she accepts.

Derrick Frost is the best man at Susannah’s sister’s wedding. He is surprised to see Susannah, not to mention he recalls the heated time they spent together.

Susannah returns home to Minerva only to run into former lover, Derrick. One look his way and heat ignites. It is hard to forget the quarterback of Minerva High School. While she was on the way to being a graphic designer, he was studying to be a Juris doctor with a new bride, while breaking her heart. He quickly learned his marriage was a huge mistake, sending him straight into Susannah’s arms, where they spent two great weeks together. When the town got wind of it, she was considered a trashy woman. Now that they have the chance to rekindle their hot relationship, will she forget her marriage vows when the sexual tension grows? Or will they go their separate ways?

One Night in Winter makes a satisfying read, and leaves the reader with a feel-good sensation. Kristina Wright knows how to spin a yarn that keeps the reader captivated.

Six Weeks on Sunrise Mountain, Colorado by Gwen Masters

Fletcher is stressed to the max. The burnt-out millionaire flees for Sunrise Mountain to escape the rat race of the world. He is no celebrity, just someone who wants his privacy.

Janine is a photographer, interested in everything about Fletcher. When he comes to her rescue after she takes a fall in the snow, she hopes he will give her a story.

Fletcher brings the frozen and bruised Janine into his home. He had no idea anyone would interrupt his tranquil solitude. Reasonably burned out at the age of thirty-five, he wants solitude. Finding Janine nearby did not help. When he discovers she wishes to learn all about him, he wants her off his mountain. He is only a computer geek, nothing more. He did not run from anyone. He was exhausted and wanted privacy. Can Janine convince him to return to the real world or will Fletcher stay in his paradise?

I love the way Six Weeks on Sunrise Mountain draws in the reader. This story brings a huge amount of joy to the heart. Gwen Masters pens a heartwarming and downright good read.

It’s Not the Weather by Alison Tyler

Shelly would like for her boyfriend, Roger, to pay attention to her instead of being so concerned about the cold weather. When she tries everything to get him to notice her, and fails, she blames herself.

Roger does not like the cold weather. The colder the temperature, the more he seems to brush Shelly aside.

Jeremiah Cooper is a warm passionate guy who works at a bar and strikes up a fancy with Shelly.

Shelly is a meteorologist who understands the change in the weather, but unfortunately has a hard time understanding the actions of her boyfriend, Roger. He definitely has a problem. Even when she puts on a bikini, he is blind. His forecast only makes his emotions frosty of late. Enter Jeremiah Cooper, a handsome bartender who she begins to fantasize about. The more Shelly chats with Jeremiah, the better the forecast for her relationship, not with Roger but with Jeremiah. After months of being with Roger, with no sunshine in her future, life with Jeremiah appears to be a sunny forecast daily.

It’s Not the Weather is a story that will get the pipes going in the coldest of nights. I would have to throw Roger out into the cold, seriously. Alison Tyler sketches colorful characters in this charming story.

Baby It’s Cold Outside by Marilyn Jaye Lewis

Kaylie Moore understands her husband’s desire to watch a hockey game but she would still like to find some romance along the way.

Connor Moore is a die-hard hockey fan. He decides to surprise his wife on a scenic route when they head out to a hockey game.

After three years Kaylie has accepted Connor’s dedication to hockey. When they head out on a drive to a hockey game, Connor decides to make a small stop along the way. A short delay turns into car problems, leaving them snowbound. When a farmer comes along to give them a helping hand, they decide to allow the farmer to take the battery and charge it while they sit in the car and wait. What turns into some leisure time together ends in hot moments with a sweet surprise.

What a way to enjoy a scenic route. Baby It’s Cold Outside is a nice story about commitment, dedication, and love that grows by giving an inch. Marilyn Jaye Lewis knows how to bring closeness within a married couple’s life.

Northern Exposure by Isabelle Gray

Alana was a senior at NYU studying architecture when she met Gideon. She was in musical theatre and landed a job in a long-time Broadway production show.

Gideon is with an architecture firm and quite successful. Even though he and Alana still share a room, things are a bit chilly of late.

Both Alana and Gideon feel their marriage is over, yet deep down they wonder if they should give the other one more chance. They feel like their marriage is a hot and cold relationship. She gives voice and dance lessons four days a week, trying to keep busy. Gideon has been troubled with his father not doing well. Both seem to have many obstacles in front of them of late. Can they find a way to make a connection again before separating for good? All it will take is for one to ask of the other, ‘what you will.’

Northern Exposure is a chilly tale of love, forgiveness and reaching out to each other that reaps some warmth along the way. Isabelle Gray shows how a couple with any obstacle can find a way to meet halfway and never give up.

Hidden Treasure by Sophie Mouette

Brenda has a job as a curator of the Frogmorton House Museum. She loves working around all the antiques.

Sean was hired to help watch over the Frogmorton House. When he has the opportunity, he makes sure to keep an eye on Brenda.

Brenda hired Sean because he looked delectable in his uniform. She thinks he smells like bay rum. One night as she gets ready to close up, too much snow leaves her locked inside with Sean for the night. It leads to one passionate moment neither can forgot. While learning a bit more about the other, they unlock a valuable treasure. When two intruders try to break into the facility, will they catch Brenda and Sean in their moment of passion, or will Brenda and Sean be the ones to surprise the intruders?

I love the characters in Hidden Treasure, as well as the storyline. The Victorian antiques, as well as the museum, are something I could visualize. Sophie Mouette creates a wintry story that is full of passion and love.

Sweet Season by Shanna Germain

Dulcie returns home after being away for a while. She takes up the family's maple syrup business only to discover an old love living close by.

Travis has never forgotten the lovely Dulcie, even though there were some past memories not easy to accept. Still he shows her the art of making fine syrup.

In no time, Dulcie finds herself no longer grading papers. Before her grandmother passed away, she asked Dulcie to keep the family business functional so she heads back home. When she runs into old love, Travis, he is eager to help show her some ins and outs of the syrup business. Each day she spends with Travis, she learns he is the real sweetener. Her heart beats louder in her chest when he is near. The more Travis comes by to lend a helping hand; he shows her a mixing of the syrup that is hot, sticky, and downright sexy.

Maple syrup never tasted so good until Dulcie and Travis blend it. Shanna Germain creates sexual passion that heats to the boiling point in Sweet Season. It is a recipe that makes some excellent sweetness.

This enjoyable collection has a little bit of something to make the reader thoroughly satisfied. With vibrant characters, and romance that spills from the pages, Bedding Down is an assortment of enchantments that fascinate. There are some that many can identify with, while others will leave the reader in awe. Rachel Kramer Bussel brings seven wonderful erotica authors together to develop wonderful characters with stories that spring to life.

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