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ISBN# 0-06-088993-4
April 26, 2006
HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$23.95 U.S./$29.95 Canada
224 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Quinn Boothroyd, ‘Q’ for short, is a motivated New York lawyer. She and her husband are expecting a baby. The intelligent woman has a knack for being ambitious, so when her doctor insists she stay confined to her bed for the last three months of her pregnancy, she feels trapped and not far from going crazy.

Tom is her workaholic husband. With both their demanding jobs and schedules, it is still a mystery how she ended up pregnant.

Q is a British lawyer but after marrying an American, she now resides in New York City. She has always held an active life; even jotting down things she would love to do before she turned thirty. With her and Tom’s active work styles, they just learned things are about to change. The doctor has just restricted Q to complete bed rest and only venturing outside her home for her doctors appointments for the next three months. She has always been active and now being placed on restriction is one prescription she does not think she will enjoy. After a while, her boredom routine brings on heated frustrations as she turns to her husband. He has been so busy with his job they hardly have time to connect. As she begins bonding with her neighbor, her mother and her sisters, she decides to compose everything in a diary since she has nothing lively to do. And as the days pass before her, Q begins to see things differently as she learns so much about herself and life.

Bed Rest is a remarkably well written book. Not only is the dialogue charming and witty, but the characters really delivers great addition to this storyline. Q is marvelous in her daily activities as she tries to heed to the doctor’s orders. I found myself visualizing the whole setting and getting a feel for the folk around her. I also could relate in a way because with my firstborn, the doctor had me bed resting for five months and it was most miserable, especially for someone that is active. He even implied not to even pick up a broom. I loved this book. Ms. Bilston pens a brilliant read that flows smoothly. I fell in love with Q and her struggles as well as laughed out loud many times over with her conversations with her family. The part where she called her mother then realized it was a mistake, when they got into the part about the ballet lessons it was a hoot. Not to mention at the doctor’s office where the ‘attending’ entered and when she mentioned the object similar to pointy silver fork, I could practically feel that sensation. This book definitely leaves the reader with in-depth thought. No matter if, one is pregnant or not, I think this book is a total irresistible charm. I really enjoyed every single page and it makes a lovely gift for anyone.

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