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ISBN# 1-934329-09-6
December 23, 2006
Mardi Gras Publishing
177 Pages
Erotica Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Jade Dupree is a full time writer with Hot Magazine, and partner with her good friend Kelley Kingsley with the Spotless Cleaning Services. Her mother and Kelley lend a hand in helping Jade find the perfect mate.

Millionaire Mike Davis recently bought the Ramada Inn and finds Jade quite intriguing.

Tech Sergeant Steven Jones is an airman who becomes interested in Jade.

Jade does not mind advice from Kelley on dating, but she would prefer her mother not interfere. With two men vying for her affection, Jade is not sure which one is right for her. She finds Steve more of a bodybuilder than a Military airman. Mike, on the other hand, is charming and when they share a kiss, the sensation has her wishing to jump out of her clothes. Her mother’s choice is Steve, insisting that Jade can attend all the officers’ wives events. Jade finds these dull and believes Steve only wishes to get closer to her father, the general. As for Mike, he can have anything he wants and she does not wish to be a bracelet on his arm. Steve makes her feel uncomfortable; often showing up without notice. Jade believes Mike is the better companion, but breaking off with Steve shows the real man hiding behind the mask.

I found Behind the Wings to be a believable story. Jade has a good head on her shoulders. She wants to make certain whomever she chooses as her partner will be the one for life. Mike and Steven are refreshing individuals, but there is an honest sensitivity to Mike that drew me toward his character. Dana Littlejohn tells a story that practically comes to life. The situation with Jade’s mother trying to find a beau for her is genuine; one that many can relate to. This story has a certain twist that I believe readers will enjoy.

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