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ISBN# (10): 0-06-147355-3/ (13): 978-0-06-147355-5 Paperback/ (10): 0-06-164681-4/ (13): 978-0-06-164681-2 E-Book
May 13, 2008
AVON (Imprint HarperCollins Publishing)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
$13.95 U.S./$14.95 Canada
496 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Charles Fraser once worked cloak and dagger with Melanie, whom he eventually married. Now four years later, they take their two children and settle in London. When an old flame of Charles’s pays a visit, Melanie wonders if Charles still holds feelings for her.

Honoria Talbot once had a close relationship with Charles. While attending a party, an announcement is made that she is now engaged to widower, Kenneth, who just happens to be Charles’s father. It is a shock that hits home hard.

Melanie loves Charles deeply. With two children they have shared many good times together, and even some in dangerous situations. At a party when the announcement is made about Honoria and Kenneth, Melanie cannot help but notice the expressions that pass across Honoria and Charles’s faces. Images race through her mind of Honoria being with her husband. They live a domestic life now, a good one, but this sudden declaration is something that has Melanie wondering her real status all the years with Charles. When she tries to speak to Charles, he has a way of pretending he does not hear the conversation when he does not wish to talk about anything. After she and Charles are pulled back into a world of intrigue, she cannot think of matters with Honoria when other pressing issues are at hand as they are drawn to a Scottish castle and she discovers Charles holds a secret he has never divulged since his mother’s death.

Beneath a Silent Moon is an in-depth story that is quite captivating and mysterious. The numerable players all have an important role in the telling of the story like a portion of history in the making. I can tell Tracy Grant did a thorough research in the making of this great novel. The excellent conversation between all the players, especially Melanie and Charles is wonderfully written and the layered expressions that often greeted the characters were visible, allowing the reader to feel the impact each have on the story. I love the twists and turns incorporated through the pages making it a compelling story filled with passion, some danger, and even a bit of tragedy that mesmerizes the reader.

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