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ISBN# 0-373-26565-4
May 2006
Worldwide Library
233 Broadway, Suite 1000, New York, NY 10279
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
264 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Loren Graham is out for her morning jog when she happens upon a dead body. Now the mayor of Emerald Point finds herself surrounded by crime and politics as she tries to track down a killer.

Don Morrison is a member of a group called Bateaux Below that are very upset about the zebra muscles. He knows the economy as well as their neighbors depends on the lake. He teams with Loren to try to uncover answers.

Tammy Stevenson, the high-spirit girl with movie star looks, dies a lonely death on the bank of the lake.

The submerged car in the lake and the dead body on the shore surprises Loren during her morning run. Emerald Point had always been a peaceful beautiful area that the newly elected mayor enjoyed especially after taking the job and now she stands over a dead body, trying to calm the shakiness of her insides. No one knows why someone would wish to kill Tammy but Loren is determined to unveil the truth. She begins to uncover some unsavory information on the town dealings she never imagined. As she begins to talk to those that might know about Tammy, she learns of notes kept in a journal. After meeting Don, who is trying to maintain peace in the community, concerning the economy of the lake, the two join forces to get to the bottom of the truth. Don has his own issues with the lake, after some; alkaline has been discovered in the lake creating an inhospitable environment for the zebra muscles. As the perils begin to lead Loren into dangerous waters, and she is attacked, she realizes it is going to be a fight to learn the truth that surrounds Tammy’s death but it is something she must do.

Beneath the Surface is an engaging read that kept me captivated from the first page to the last. Loren’s character is motivating and when she connects with Don, there is an instant attraction of cool friendliness that enhances the storyline. The well-rounded secondary characters have just the right amount of seasoning to create a remarkable story. Ms. White takes a village near Lake George, adds a murder to make a creepy sinister feeling, and forms a crafty plot with spine-tingling sensations that practically jump from the pages that has this reader spellbound. Ms. White pens a compelling read with twist and turns that is hard to put down. I must admit the cover of the book really made a great impressive with me, leaving a slight bone chill. Bravo to Ms. White for an extraordinary tale.

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