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ISBN#: 978-0-9821974-0-0
November 2008
Mystic Moon Press
165 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Kirsty is a nanny. An unsavory incident caused her to lose her last position, so she is happy to be working for Mrs. Ainsley-Frampton. The house is beautiful and Sarah is a delightful little girl.

Jamie is a widower with a small child. He is an artist and photographer and must spend time away from his child, leaving her in the care of her grandmother. He distrusts both his mother-in-law and her son.

Kirsty is hopeful about her new position as a nanny, but the atmosphere in the Ainsley-Frampton house is tense a great deal of the time. The grandmother is controlling, the uncle lecherous and sneaky. Her charge’s father Jamie Grainger seems angry most of the time and even though she is dead, the household still revolves around the long dead Brook.

There is a gothic feel to this story despite its sunny New Zealand setting. The death of Brook overshadows everything and creates quite an atmosphere. The plot is gripping with many twists and turns and secrets to be revealed and the characters are vividly drawn. The dialogue can be a little trying at times, I struggled a bit, trying to figure out who said what in the beginning, but then got the rhythm. Overall, this is a very enjoyable love story with great mystery and suspense elements.

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