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ISBN# 9781885865601
March 2008
Circlet Press
39 Hurlbut Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138
320 Pages
Rating: 3 cups


Benton is a photographer who travels all over the world taking pictures. His favorite pictures to take, though, are of women. He loves women and has had many lovers.

Neha is a mysterious pregnant woman who arrives in the middle of the night to give Benton succor.

When Benton is awakened by Neha’s arrival, he at first thinks she is a member of the family in whose shack he is staying. However, it is not long before Neha disabuses him of that idea. Benton forms a bond with her unlike any other. Will the bond be strong enough to last?

An enjoyable story that plays into East Indian mythology and hints at who Neha really is. I liked the surprise at the end of this story very much.

Venus Rising

Winston is an older man who, though he loves his wife, she is gone so much on her charity travels that he has nearly replaced her with the equivalent of a futuristic blow-up doll. Only this doll is very lifelike.

Letitia is every man’s dream of the perfect sex partner. But she is just a sex toy to her owner Winston.

Amelia is Winston’s wife and has no idea what her husband is up to when she is gone.

When Winston falls asleep after having sex with Letitia and wakes up after his wife is due to arrive home, he is terrified. Feeling guilty, he races to the secret room he keeps her in, only to have a sight meet his eyes that he could never have imagined.

An interesting story about what happens when a couple reaches middle age and are too busy for each other. The punch line on this one is incredible and makes it well worth the read.


Zach is one of many who wake up one morning with a strange mark on their arm. Once the mark is there, it becomes very difficult for the person marked to survive as no one wants them around. Still, Zach has managed to survive by doing the occasional bit of prostitution.

Brendan is also marked. Unlike Zach, he gets off on pain.

When Zach picks up a strange man in a bar who asks him to make love to another man while he watches, Zach is less than enthused. Still, he needs the money and when the man offers him three months rent in return, Zach agrees. However, the man wants him to have sex with Brendan, a man who is also marked. When marked people touch it is extremely painful, and Zach immediately has second thoughts. Will he go through with it, and if he does, what will be the outcome?

I enjoyed this story very much. Zach and Brendan are both very well written characters. The story’s premise of a mysterious disease causing people to get a mark that then makes them shunned by the rest of society is reminiscent of biblical analogies.

The Harrowing

Harrow McBridie is a sorceress and one who has questionable practices at that.

Therese is one of the Prince’s palace guard. She was gang raped in the past and still has nightmares about it.

When Harrow sends a message to Therese saying she has captured the Prince and wants Therese to come and negotiate for his rescue, Therese is very nervous. There are rumors about Harrow, and not all of them are good. However, Harrow has something quite different in mind than Therese realizes. Will Harrow’s price set her free, or reawaken the nightmare she lives with daily?

While well written, this story had a bit more sex torture in it than I as a reader am comfortable with. While I could see where the author was going with the story, the graphic details in this case were a bit much.

Capture, Courting, and Copulation: Contemporary Human Mating Rituals and the Etiology of Human Aggression

The mentor is a female dragon who sets out to teach her pupil about human mating rituals.

The pupil is a younger male dragon who reveres his mentor, and is eager to learn about humans and their mating rituals.

When the dragons capture a woman and tie her up so they can watch as man comes to her rescue, they get more than they bargained for. While the human couple most definitely has sex right in front of the two interested dragons, something else that neither thought would happen occurs too.

A fun look at how another sentient species might view humanity and its courting and mating rituals. This story was quite humorous to me, although it took me a few pages to realize that dragons were the main characters. A great read that I highly recommend for its laugh factor.

Copperhead Renaissance

Jonah is a chemist by trade, though most people know him only as “The Chemist.”

Daphne is a young woman who is addicted to a drug called Copper.

When Daphne’s mother asks Jonah to help her daughter get off Copper, he agrees. However, his methods are somewhat controversial. When he and Daphne were going to school he was half in love with her, so he is astonished to see how far she has crashed when he and her mother go to purchase her from a slave market. Will Jonah be able to rehab Daphne, or will his methods become another new addiction for her?

I was less than satisfied with this story as the ending left a bit to be desired. While I like some truth in my stories, this one was a little too truthful.

The Night the New Hog Croaked or, The Lascivious Dr. Blonde: A Romance

Ned works for a corporation by day, and rides a Harley by night. His present girlfriend is Victoria.

Victoria wants to be a biker babe and does her best to imitate said babes.

When Ned and Victoria go for ride one evening and their bike breaks down, they decide to ask for help at a nearby residence. Little to do they know a sadistic woman lives in that house and decides to try out her latest sex machine on the couple.

This is another less than satisfactory story. There is a lot of graphic, forced sex which just did not appeal to me on any level.

Nocturnal Emissions

Father Francis is a priest living during the time of the witch trials in the sixteen hundreds. Unlike many in the church he does not believe in witches, but instead chooses to use religion coupled with science to explain his village's problems.

The little elf like girl that Father Francis finds could easily be mistaken for a witch.

When Father Francis finds the tiny girl with the tail and pointed ears naked as the day she was born, he knows he must protect her, lest she be thought a demon or witch. So he hides her. While she cannot speak, it becomes apparent that she can send emotions and react to other’s emotions, and the good Father finds himself very sexually attracted to the girl. However, he does not want to break his vows, so he does his best to resist her, even when she appears to him in dreams and has sex with him. Will he be able to resist her, or will he give in?

I enjoyed the creativity of this story, and how the author was able to weave an understanding that all religions have common ideas. The story is very descriptive, and well written.

And What Rough Beasts…

The main character in this story lives in a future where people have begun allowing their genetics to be tampered with in that they are having animal genetics added to their own.

The main character’s girlfriend has also allowed her genetics to be tampered with.

When these two get together after their change, sparks fly. But is the change enough to keep them together, or is it just hot sex with a few added components?

This story was told in the first person, and okay, but difficult to follow. I would have enjoyed it more if it had been in the third person I think.

The Bridge

Bernard is a young man who came back from WWI with serious mustard gas injuries; his face has been scarred and his throat burned from breathing it. In addition, he loses his lover Neal.

The Green Man has appeared to Bernard several times since he was a young man. Even though he grew up in a society that no longer reveres this deity, Bernard has always felt an affinity with him.

When Bernard allows his consciousness to connect with this spirit again in a way he has not done since very young, he is pleasantly surprised by what happens. Will his experience bring him blessings?

I really enjoyed this story a lot. The idea of this young gay man being so wounded and his experience with what happens when he connects to a deity no one honors any more was delightful.


Mariel is a half-human half-vampire hybrid with a vampire mother and a human father. Strangely this gives her some interesting strengths and weaknesses, such as the desire to drink blood, but she can still walk in daylight with no repercussions.

Van Helsing is the direct descendant of the original Van Helsing and a vampire hunter just like his ancestor.

When Mariel bumps into Van Helsing and sees what a handsome man he has grown up to be, while she might want to jump his bones, she is still less than enthused about seeing him once she realizes who he is.

A fun vampire story with a unique twist that makes it well worth reading. It is well written, very descriptive, and takes the whole vampire legend to a new level.

Music From My Bones

The main female character lives with her lover Joyce and is beginning to suspect that all is not right with her world with respects to their relationship.

Joyce is the main character’s lover and is spending more and more nights outside their home.

When Joyce starts not coming home nights, the main character gets suspicious, particularly when Joyce wants to dictate to her what she is and is not going to do, and yet Joyce can do what she wants. When the main character gets an invitation to experience something sexual in front of a crowd, Joyce does not want her to participate. Will she participate, or will she abide by Joyce’s decisions, even though Joyce is being less than a lover?

I liked this story for its elements of female sexuality set free. The voyeuristic sex is hot and while the ending has a surprise, the main character growing stronger for it makes this a good read.

The Lift

Xon is a non-enhanced psychic human. He has loved Illan for years, but Illan’s job has made it difficult for them to truly be together.

Illan is an enhanced human. He has allowed himself to be experimented on and has numerous computer “ports” all over his body.

When Illan gets a message from Xon that he wants to meet, he is happy. However, he is stunned to see that Xon is prepared when he sees a gun strapped to Xon’s leg. Because Illan’s work is classified, Xon being psychic is a problem because he could pick up information from Illan which is one of the reasons they did not stay together in the past. However, Xon has a secret that he has not confessed and when the cat gets out of the bag, so to speak, only time will tell what the results will be.

This was a great sci-fi story with lots of sexual action. I enjoyed reading about these two men who obviously loved each other connect again.


Devani is a virgin given by her parents to the Monastery to serve Him.

Him is a creature with one horn who was thrown out of his domain forever.

Devani spends all her time trying to keep Him from noticing her. She has no desire to disappear as one of the caretakers of Him did once he noticed her and had sex with her. But there comes a day when Devani can no longer hide and He notices her. Will she be able to do what it takes to keep from performing an act that could make her disappear as the others have, or will she give in to Him?

This is a very creative and fun to read story. I liked how the author alluded to the fact that He might be Satan but then throws enough twists into the story to keep the reader guessing.


The main character is a female who lives alone and has a very interesting night visitor.

Lucifer in this case is female rather than male, and equated with feminine deity in this story.

When someone appears in the main character’s home unexpectedly, she is scared. When she realizes it is Lucifer she is wary and sends her away. However, it is not long before second thoughts rule. Will she try to lure Lucifer back to her?

Another well written and imaginative story. I liked the idea of Lucifer being a woman rather than a man as this has been very overdone in literature.

Opening the Veins of Jade

The main character is a tattoo artist who operates a tattoo business with her boyfriend.

The three Asian woman are mysterious and arrive in the main character’s shop with a very unusual request.

When three Asian women arrive in the main character’s shop and request her to tattoo them in a less than comfortable place, she is willing to do it, but only if the three follow her instructions. As she tattoos the first young woman she discovers something interesting about the tattoos after they are completed that she cannot explain. Will the three Asian ladies help her to understand?

A great read that explores some of Chinese mythology. The author takes this information and adds a great spin to it, creating a memorable story.

Circe House

Mignon is a person who has been altered in such a way as to cause her body to change shape every so often. She might be female, she might be male, or even a combination of both.

Doctor is the scientist who is able to effect these changes in people.

When Mignon finds one of the creatures has taken ill, even though she does not like her, she is willing to do whatever necessary to help. She is very devoted to Doctor, but she is unsure about what will happen to creature who has taken ill, and what Doctor will do when the creature wakes up different.

This story was a little too Dr. Moreau for me. Although the idea of humans voluntarily choosing to be changed into animals or a combination of human and animal while controversial makes for a good story.

The Gantlet

Maddy Silwa is a busy corporate executive. She is of one of the higher castes and enjoys many benefits because of it.

Shula is of a much lower caste and very free spirited.

When Maddy first sees Shula she is attracted to a woman for the first time. When a storm hits and she and Shula get stranded, Maddy decides to invite Shula to her room. One thing leads to another, and for the first time in Maddy’s life, she is having an intense love affair. While they have a wonderful time together and begin to care for one another, Shula is not all what she seems. Will a single act of betrayal ruin forever what they might have together?

This was one of my favorite stories because it is set in a future where the things that man is doing to the planet are causing huge ecological and climactic changes. The society described is one of great order, and yet it is that very order which has gotten the society into trouble. I loved how Shula and Maddy were attracted to each other even though they were complete opposites. The love making is especially hot, and made for fun reading.

Overall this anthology was a great read. There were a few of the stories where forced sex and extreme BDSM were the norm that were less interesting to me. Despite this I have no problem recommending this book, while not all stories were of equal quality in my opinion, the ones left over were of a high caliber quality and well worth reading. I will definitely be keeping my eyes open for more from some of these authors in the near future.

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