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ISBN#: 1-60154-264-X
July 11, 2008
The Wild Rose Press
280 Pages
Western Historical Cactus Rose
Rating: 4 Cups

Margaret Greyson heads to Wyoming Territory to wed the man to whom she has been corresponding. She is none too happy when she arrives only to be jilted.

Brendan Kelly has a dark side. He has his reason for not being completely truthful with Meg. The thought of lying to her pricks his heart but for now it is the only way.

All the letters that Meg receives from Brendan indicate he is indeed a gentleman. She sees a whole different man when she meets him. There must be some reason he is dead set against marrying her now. One thing a Greyson never does is cower to anyone. She refuses to back away. Brendan has not lived an easy life and carries scars inside and out. He is stunned by Meg’s beauty and loyalty to him. She trusts him with her life. He feels he does not deserve a woman like her, not when her heart belongs to someone else that penned the letters. With her brothers watching all her moves, and Brendan fighting the feelings he holds for her, will he ever really have Meg’s complete heart when she learns what secret he hides?

Between the Lines definitely lives up to its title. A well crafted plot, two well-cast main characters and some twists and turns along the way, creates a story soaring in excitement. The secondary players scatter just the right amount of seasoning to the pot bringing in some mystery to the backdrop. I love how Kathy Otten takes the character of Meg and makes her strong, not afraid to stand up to anyone. She allows Meg to reach into the inner heart of Brendan, bringing out his human qualities that make him a gentle hero. Ms. Otten weaves a romance that truly captures the heart.

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