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ISBN: 978-0-9797946-f-x
October 2007
Resplendence Publishing
43 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Matilda prides herself as one of the youngest witches ever to come into her power. She knows she is intelligent and beautiful. She also knows that no man has ever satisfied her until now.

Armand is bound by fate to have Matilda as his blending mate. He is not altogether pleased by that fact and is very sure that she will not be either. Witches tend to be mouthy, obnoxious, and notoriously averse to vampires.

Matilda is furious and not about to leave her home and freedom behind for some vampire from Russia. She knows that he is coming for her and that he has twenty-four hours to complete the blending. Armand is drawn in by Matilda’s beauty, but he has to keep his wits about him if he is to accomplish his goal. She is seductive and dangerous, but the love and power they will share will be incomparable. He knows that telling her the truth about her heritage will infuriate her but that it is the only way she will ever accept him. He only hopes she does not kill him first.

This story tantalizes and teases with every page. Matilda is torn between her old beliefs and what she now knows is the truth. Her character is young and brash but that makes her all the more endearing. Armand accepts his fate even knowing the trials he will face. He is determined and not above intimidation to get what he wants. Armand is strong enough to give Matilda exactly what she needs even if she does not know it. The power struggle between Matilda and Armand is hot and heavy and makes for a great read!

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