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ISBN# 978-0-425-21866-2
December 2007
Berkeley Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014
312 Pages
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Anna Ridgeway is on the Caribbean island of Grand Fernandino. The waters and the area is breathtaking, everything that any visitor would find relaxing. There, working ‘her magic,’ she gets the uncanny feeling she is being watched.

Zachary Robinson is a diver on the lush island of Grand Fernandino. He loves treasure hunting. When he sees Anna, there is a strong presence. He does not wish her to think of him as a stalker. After one simple touch, he knows she is the one that belongs to him.

Anna has been on her own for ten years and is usually a pretty good judge of people. Of late she feels a presence watching her. Or maybe it is just her mind telling her she needs a vacation. After her parents death, Anna went into mind reading to help pay off some of their debts left behind. Ever since she was a small child, she had the uncanny psychic abilities to read minds, often referring to herself as Magic Anna. While on the island, Anna meets Zach, who sends goose bumps all through her flesh. Zach acquired a lot of nautical know how in college and after graduation signed up on a treasure hunting expedition off Hispaniola. There he discovered his knack for diving in the right place, for ancient treasure and modern wrecks, sometimes taking tourists on expeditions. When he sees Anna, it is like a bewitching spell on him. He wants to know her on a personal level. After he wakes from a dream, one about Anna, he has to learn more about her. With Zach, Anna feels safe from any impending danger. There is something that connects them as if they had been lost then found. Someone is out to destroy their bliss and will not stop until they have succeeded. Together can Anna and Zach find a love to reach to the depth of their soul or will someone put a stop to it before they can find any happiness?

Beyond Fearless is a story that will have readers spellbound on the edge of their seats. Loaded in intrigue, danger, and suspense all rolled into one, it gets the adrenalin racing. With a huge cast of characters that interact and bring much friction into this arousing drama of events, there is never a dull moment. Anna and Zach are magical. The passion they share radiates as soon as they enter a room. There were moments I was swept away with their actions. Rebecca York always writes stories that embrace the reader. She takes a beautiful backdrop, adds some arousing characters, and some dubious ones, and makes a read that keeps her audience guessing to the dramatic conclusion.

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