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In a Wolf’s Embrace (in Beyond the Dark anthology)
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Mercury’s War
Christmas Heat (The Magical Christmas Cat anthology)
Coyote’s Mate
Bengal’s Heart
Lion’s Heat
Styx’s Storm
Navarro's Promise

ISBN# (10): 0-425-21876-7/ (13): 978-0-425-21876-1
December 4, 2007
Berkeley (Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
$14.00 U.S./$16.50 Canada
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dragon Dance by Angela Knight

Sergeant Ariel Dean has been a hostage negotiator for three years. As the department’s senior head she is in the middle of a hostage situation after a man holds his wife and two children hostage with a threat to kill them.

Josiah Ridge is called in when no one else can handle the situations with a Hyper. After he receives the call from his FBI contract, he knows it is serious.

Ariel is nothing out of the ordinary until she is faced with a standoff with Tommy Phillips who intends on killing his wife and two small children. Tommy is not any ordinary man, he is a Hyper. He once had been just an ordinary man until out of the blue, a dark force caused him to receive strong abilities to do a good many things. Ariel realizes it is going to be tough talking Tommy out of killing anyone. Josiah hates dealing with new Hypers because he never knows what they are capable of doing. After he heads to the trailer to stop the Hyper, Ariel pursues after him. Ariel never thought she would come head to head with Tommy, who is a strong Hyper. The result of her actions turns her into a Hyper. There are some that believe this will benefit the Feds if they can get Ariel’s abilities to always work for the good, but when a darkening force wishes her for other reasons, it is up to Josiah to keep her from harm. The closer he and Ariel are drawn together; their steamy passion only gets hotter by the second.

All I can say is wow! This story really explodes with action and heat. I loved Ariel and her gusto and strength. Josiah heats any room when he enters with his striking persona. Intriguing, strong characters, who meet each other head on, make this a terrific read. Angela Knight weaves a tale that kept this reader on the edge-of-the-seat entertained.

Caught By The Tides, Diane Whiteside

Owen Bentham is a former sergeant in his Majesty’s dragoons. After he is stranded as a castaway, he meets a chalice who is more than eager to assist his needs.

Emma Sinclair is the granddaughter of a general, the daughter of an admiral and the widow of a naval lieutenant. She looks out over the ocean looking at the worst storm that has summoned her for the last ten years and sees a man slumped near the cove.

When Emma sees a man staggering out of the water, she notices a ruby stone in the heavy gold signet on the man’s hand. If he was hurt during this brutal storm, it only meant an act of war or treason was committed. Bonaparte’s fleet killed her husband at the Battle of the Nile five years ago, and she would not leave this castaway behind for the French. Emma is certain that the strong storm was brought on by magic. Because of the storm the man had been hurt and lost a lot of blood. Emma is determined to take care of her catch. Learning he is the King’s Mage, she feels it is her responsibility to make him better since he gets renewed strength from her. In time she learns this mage depends on the strength of loved ones. When Owen awakes and sees the beautiful Emma caring for him, he learns she is a chalice, someone who can collect and hold magickal powers for mages to draw upon. He needs her more than she knows. With a dark force threatening not only his life, but Emma’s, can the two put a stop to the evil that jeopardizes their existence?

I absolutely adored Emma and Owen. Their chemistry together was beautifully created and captivates the reader. Diane Whiteside crafts a wonderful tale with mages, a creepy villain and well rounded characters that spring to life in this page turner. This incredible tale touches the heart and soul of the reader, with a romance that creates magic.

Queen of All She Surveys by Emma Holly

After Prince Memnon learns his father, King Ravna is angry because some of their men have been taken captive by a witch Queen, he offers to go and bring them back. Instead his father wants him to become the Queen’s next husband and get her with child.

Queen Tou holds no love for King Ravna. She believes he is nothing but a coward. When his son, Memnon comes to her castle in exchange for the kidnapped people, her reaction to him creates quite a stir with her.

Memnon does not like the fact that his father wishes him to bed Queen Tou just to free their people. When he realizes his words do not even reach out to his father, he agrees to the terms. Perhaps an alliance will benefit both of them. Queen Tou values men with strong appetites. Heat dances all over her flesh when she is in close proximity with Memnon. He lets her know she only needs one man to please her and that man is him. As they both restrain and hold their desire until she says it is time, it makes them both anxious and tense for the right moment to be together. When Tou confides in him and explains the real reason behind the hate she feels for his father, Memnon can only sense her pain. Their alliance proves it is more than just having a child and makes Memnon wonder did his father really want him to woo Tou or use her as a Trojan horse?

Be sure to have a fire extinguisher close by with this tale because it is hotter than any blazing fire. Tou is a sizzling Queen who enjoys lovemaking. When she gets her hands on Memnon, the fire never cools down. Emma Holly delivers an excellent read as Tou and Memnon come to terms with their desire while learning to achieve peace.

In a Wolf’s Embrace by Lora Leigh

Matthias Slaughter knows about the genetic experiments that had been conducted on the human bodies. They had been made primal, savage and intelligent. Then again the intelligent of the genetic testing had caused the downfall of the council’s plans.

Grace Anderson is a liability because of the Wolf Breeds. It is up to Matthias to make sure no one finds her but how can she trust someone who has given her so many lies and threats?

Matthias has researched her for months and kept her under surveillance for six months. Grace does not understand why he chose her. She is not head of security or head manager. She is just a lowly assistant manager with limited power. All of that matters nothing to him because he has been dying to touch her. Grace cannot believe that Matthias can kill in cold blood. He killed Dr. Albrecht with no warning. She wondered if he would eventually kill her too. It had not mattered that the doctor had been part of the Genetic Council and had ordered deaths because some of the genetics had alterations. He had seen over the stage of the Breed development and now he was dead by the hands of Matthias. Still there was a fascination about Matthias that drew her near to him. More importantly, Grace had told her family all about Matthias and the Wolf Breed who had such lonely eyes. When Matthias takes her to her cabin to hide her, things really blaze between them when Grace sees things differently. The more time they spend together, Matthias can smell her fear. He must pull all the stops to make sure the woman he has fallen in love never leaves his side.

This passionate story is fast-paced and permits the reader to feel the emotions of Grace and Matthias. They exhibit a wide range of emotions that triggers upon the reader and brings them along on the ride. Lora Leigh sketches a story with a touch of suspense and romance that holds the reader spellbound.

Beyond the Dark is an assortment of blistering tales guaranteed to take the breath away, while capturing a piece of the heart. Talk about exotic fantasies, these authors know how to really get the heart pumping. From the stirring world that brings intrigue at every corner, the reader will take the ultimate adventure with vampires, mages, demons and knights that are more than tempting. These gifted authors, with their alluring and daring creative imaginations, take their audience into a world where one will never forget all the fiends with desires that only the mind can comprehend. With a touch of peril and excitement, this is one magic carpet ride that is hard to leave in this splendid read.

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