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March 2008
Extasy Books
83 Pages
Western Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Victoria McCoy lost her family a year ago by a band of evil men out to take anything they wanted. Victoria got away and now is one of the best at horse breaking. Victoria knew Jonathan Woodwine; their families were good friends years ago. Victoria was a baby the last time Jonathan had seen her. Victoria was hired on by Jonathan to break a horse. Victoria has not told him who she is yet.

Jonathan Woodwine has not ever seen a woman like Victoria. She came to his ranch to break one of his horses and she has to be one of the best, if not better than any man, at breaking horses. Victoria is also one of the sexiest women Jonathan has ever met. Jonathan knows he wants her, but never realized how far his feelings would go.

When Jonathan finds out who Victoria is, he offers his home to her. But Victoria is not sure and does not want just a handout. Jonathan offers Victoria to go on the cattle drive with them, until she decides what she wants to do. But during the Cattle drive they come across the same men that had murdered Victoria’s family. Victoria got her revenge, but Jonathan is not sure if her conscience could handle what she did. But Jonathan has plans to help her through it, because Jonathan wants Victoria for his wife. Now if only he could help Victoria with the past so they could have a future.

This is an absolute sensational western romance. From bronco riding to cattle drives, this story is full of adventure, but this it is not your mama’s western romance. This is all out sexy and fun with an emotional twist that gives this tale depth. Fabulous characters and an entertaining plot, this story is chocked full of all you would expect from a great western romance. Spicy romance scenes that are hotter than chili peppers top off this tale, making Beyond the Valley an exception and entertaining read.

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