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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2006
Forbidden Publications
66 Pages
Dark Fantasy/ Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Remy Crane, a snake shape shifter, is haunted by erotic dreams of a green-eyed beauty. When he bumps into the selfsame beauty in real life, he is instantly shocked and amazed. Unable to get her off his mind, he mindlessly takes her on their shared balcony, marking her his. Is it too much to want love too?

Chrissy Sanford has finally been accepted into the New York Compound after moving around homeless for years. After the Archon, or head snake, Elise explains her knowledge of Chrissy’s father, she is told of the great love between her parents. When she willingly submits to Remy’s sexual advances, she wonders if he feels the loving chemistry she does.

After exchanging mating marks during their lovemaking, Chrissy and Remy settle into the routine of a mated couple, both silently yearning for love. Will they find the love they seek with each other?

Ms. Stella and Ms. Audra Price have written a steamy story of hot sex and fated love between fantasy shape shifters. Chrissy easily accepts Remy’s dominance, intuitively recognizing her one true love; while Remy, with his carefree attitude, instinctively marks Chrissy in hopes of wooing her. They both fall easily into a preordained pattern of partners for life, the shared camaraderie evidenced by their instant closeness. I loved their easy way with each other, and the conclusion tops off an engaging read. It is definitely worth keeping.

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