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ISBN# 978-0-06-112868-4
March 2008
Harper/An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
336 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Ray Dudgeon is a private investigator who used to be a journalist. He is dating Jill, and though they have not talked about getting serious, he is thinking that she is the “one.” He has a hard time expressing his emotions because the one male role model in his life, his grandfather has always had a hard time doing so and did not encourage it with Ray while he was growing up.

Jill is an ER nurse and has been dating Ray for three months. She is not comfortable with the level of violence his job seems to require, and has stated such. While she wants to be with him, she does not know if she can handle sitting and wondering if he is alive or not when he is working a case.

When Terry, a journalist friend of Ray’s brings him a man who is almost literally shaking in his boots he is so scared, Ray does not think anything about it. He and Terry have been friends for years. When Ray discovers the man works in the film industry and has gotten caught up in a scam by a low-level mobster trying to make some extra money without his mob boss finding out, he is not surprised. He does not agree right away to help the man though, but instead asks for a retainer and then starts looking into the situation. He does eventually agree to take the man’s case, but in doing so he has no idea how much trouble this is going to cause him. Right away, his client’s enemies attack him, and it is only Ray’s wits and quick thinking that save the day. Meanwhile with a concussion he goes to Jill’s house, who is less than enthused with the damage done to him, and while she allows him to stay the night, she makes it clear she is not sure if she will continue to see him. And this is only the beginning, between greedy film executives looking for publicity, to the FBI interfering in his case, to mobsters trading sides, it will be a miracle if Ray, not to mention his client survive.

Big City Bad Blood is a real page-turner! I literally could not put it down until I had read the very last page. Riddled with descriptions of Chicago how it is today as well as some of how it was in the past give this book real character. I loved Ray as the cynical private investigator who had seen everything and was totally blasé about it all, he was very real to me by the end of the book. The relationship between Ray and Jill is realistic, rather than everything going along smoothly with no problems, which I truly appreciated. Another plus is how both the primary and secondary characters really support each other in the telling of this story. A great book that I am more than happy to recommend to others!

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