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ISBN # 978-0-373-19920-4
August 2008
250 Duncan Mill Rd, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Mass Market Paperback
187 Pages
Contemporary Romance/Medical
Rating: 3 Cups

Being a "mere" nurse, Annie has always been a disappointment to her upwardly mobile family, but she now lives up to her expectations, not theirs. She is happy and good at her job.

Ioseph is a son of the very wealthy Kolovsky family, though he did not go into the family business. He is dating a former supermodel and has little in common with his colleagues other than work.

It is difficult for Annie to work with the arrogant Dr. Kolovsky. His rudeness almost overshadows his impressive good looks. An encounter at a colleague’s wedding brings the two very close romantically, but Ioseph his keeping secrets from Annie--and keeping Annie a secret, making her wonder if he is just using her.

I enjoyed this story and the setting of an emergency department in Australia. The characters are well written and realistic; no one is too perfect or too evil. Annie has had self image problems in the past and the author handles this with skill, as well as Ioseph’s very complex and dysfunctional clan. Their love story is rockier than most, and Ioseph’s arrogance and lies make him hard to like at times. Annie is at all times an appealing character. I liked the bridezilla friend, and the patients’ stories. This quick read is very entertaining and not so technical that the non-medical professional cannot understand it.

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