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ISBN# 9781601680457
June 2007
Aspen Mountain Press
121 Pages
Rating: 1 cup

Dante Coalson is a drug dealer who has it in for John LuMac because of a supposed slight in college. John was a star athlete and he and Dante were very competitive in college baseball. He is called the Birdman because he has an exotic bird business which he uses to cover up his drug business.

The narrator of the story is Dante’s mother. She is sympathetic to her son Dante and even seems to excuse his behavior and his vendetta against John LuMac and his family.

When Jack Mattheson John’s uncle finds out that Dante is dealing pot on campus he has Dante dismissed from the university thus killing his chances of playing pro ball. This is the very thing that sets Dante’s life story in motion. He hates John LuMac and sets out to ruin his life in any way that he can up to and including getting his daughter Donna hooked on drugs. However, it does not stop there, Dante takes his vendetta so seriously that he seeks to deprive John LuMac of all he holds dear. Will Dante succeed?

This book was difficult to read because there were no redeeming qualities about the main character Dante. Also, it took me a while to figure out what was going on since it was told from the mother’s viewpoint in fits and starts. While the conversational tone made reading it a bit easier, there was no real point to this story that I could discern anyway. Also the resolution was disappointing. Perhaps if the author had spent more time showing me the story rather than telling it from the mother’s viewpoint it would have been easier to get into. Instead I was just left with the feeling of ashes in my mouth after the last page.

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