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ISBN #1-4199-0319-5
August 2005
Cerridwen Press
276 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Star McNamara is a newspaper editor who likes to speak her mind. She would like to see non-Indian “intruders” booted from the territory. One person who is not too pleased with her reporting is Jason Hillhouse, a man that she has been at odds with since childhood. Now, years later, she finds it hard to resist the sizzling attraction that pulls them together. Yet everyday she feels her desire for him growing stronger. Will she succumb to Jason’s strong arms, or will Jason take her heart, then break it?

Lawman Jason Hillhouse is very proud of his heritage. Just as his childhood friend, Star, is very independent, he feels the same way. As a man, he believes women belong at home and that the future of the Choctaw Nation lies in obtaining United States citizenship. Can he help her see that they are both on the same side fighting for the best path that will determine their people's fate?

Bittersweet Surrender is a story that captures the severe reality of the plight of many Indian nations and how they sacrificed many things to survive.  It is a story that moved my heart in so many ways. I found myself laughing, crying, then grabbing for a tissue again. I loved the way Ms. Sheridan wrote the characters, making their expressions and emotions come to life on the pages, whether at each other’s throats or simply fantasizing in a daydream.   

Ms. Sheridan’s gifted talent is truly a treasure in every sense of the word. All the characters captivated me and made me feel as if I were part of the story, making this book incredibly worth the read. At times it felt as if they had stepped from the pages and were right there by me. This book has principle and it thoroughly delivers with every word. This was my first book by Ms. Sheridan, but it will not be my last.

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