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ISBN# (10)0-352-34156-4/(13)978-0-352-34156-3
December 6, 2007
Virgin Black Lace (Virgin Publishers)
Thames Wharf Studios, Rainville Road, London W6 9HA
128 Pages
Erotic/Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Derailed by Cal Jago

She was just on her regular commute ride to work when she encounters a darkness when the train goes underneath the tunnel, but not before getting a glimpse of the handsome man that could be on the cover of a magazine. The next thing she is aware is the slight brushing against her body that sends a delightful chill. She only hopes on her way home she will have another such encounter with the handsome man that brings on a heightened impulse. She is good at being single but the man she sees, Dan, usually takes her to a hotel just for some delights but while on the train getting a slight brushing by this man, no thoughts are really on Dan. After work, her sensual thoughts again roam as she boards the commuter train. When she connects with another handsome stranger, she soon learns she is not alone when Dan is right beside her. Thoughts of seizing the moment with the handsome guy that catches her eye, while Dan is right beside her, jump into her mind. But does she dare play such a dangerous game?

This is a wonderfully written tale that leaves the mind open to many possibilities in seizing opportunities once the clock strikes, especially when one is on a train ride of adventurous possibilities. Cal Jago creates a stimulating story worth the ride.

Lust for Glory by Mathilde Madden

Tuesday nights for Gracie, Mark and her meant lust, oops, she always meant the television show, LOST, but then again thinking about the man, James, whom she met at a pub, well, lusty thoughts had been spinning in her heart and mind. Her friends are always describing a den of iniquity where there is a passion delight she will enjoy. Anxious to hear about what this place has to offer, she decides on doing her own bit of investigating, especially concerning the box. She must have James and there is only one thing she really considers doing with him even though it might just show her as one of the greediest women that indeed lust for glory.

Mathilde Madden crafts a read loaded in sensual passion that is quite interesting. The characters are scrumptiously yummy.

Montague Heights by Toni Sands

Tessa Delahaye goes for a cleaning job. With her degree she could get a much better job but wishes this one. She loves the little black cleaning outfit she wears. Then something happens when she goes on her next assignment and meets Mr. Cole who hires her. She is hypnotized by his allure and his eyes. When he leaves for a trip, even his smell lingers in the room casting a spell on her. It is like being around a huge powerful tiger. He needs someone to clean up after him. When he comes in from his trip and sees her in the shower, the games begin when she puts on her little black outfit. She never imagined a little erotic punishment could be that satisfying.

Toni Sands shows that putting on a different uniform can incorporate a whole new side to sexual fantasies when with the right person. This is a charming tale.

Thanking Vesuvius by Primula Bond

Laura is tired of her nosy sister and friends insisting she get a boyfriend. To keep them off her back, she summons up an imaginary fiancé, Geoffrey, from magazines collage cuttings. When they all decide to take a little vacation, her friends insist she should not hide her body when she goes to a beach. Instead she should wear a bikini and show her lovely shape. Out of the blue she sees a guy on the beach and fireworks go off. The next day, he once again sees who he calls the blonde lady from the beach and she refers to as the diver from the beach, and the passion takes off like a striking match.

Primula Bond crafts one memorable holiday vacation that erupts like a hot volcano. This enchanting read will have the reader cheering on Laura in all her efforts.

A Dirty Job by Melissa Harrison

Kate works at a clothing store during the day, then other times with her cleaning team cleaning buildings. It is after she is almost finished she notices her boss, Mr. Stevens, engaged in passion with a man. The sight makes her heat all over, and she has no idea why. When he catches a glimpse of her seeing him, in between embarrassment stares, she feels something that is quite strange. Kate has to find out if he is gay or not, but will not say anything to anyone else. Then her night of working late proves there is much more to Mr. Stevens then catches the eye.

Who knew that one passing glimpse between employer and employee could manifold such sizzling heat. Melissa Harrison shows that sex in the office can bring on some eye-opening indulgences that are quite catching.

Perks of the Job by Jan Bolton

She must admit going door to door with surveys is sometimes quite interesting but not as much as the one she encounters with the man playing Mozart who invites her inside his home. He is a little surprised that she is so trusting. She believes someone who listens to Mozart could not be psychotic and that is why she enters. He tells her to come back the next day and he will have the survey filled out. She wonders why in their conversation he mentions spanking. Just the sheer thought gets her hot thinking about getting spanked by an older man. Her return the next day brings her double pleasure in a way she never found in any other spanking.

I thought the story was a bit risky going into a strange home and not knowing what might take place but Jan Bolton delivers a great tale with some unforeseen perks that can often inspire by going door-to-door for surveys. This was the perfect ending to the book.

Black Lace Quickie 10 are sensual stories that indulge the reader to the very last page. Erotic tales that sometimes go to the extreme at times, are deliciously sinful as the reader is captivated with all the sizzling romance that the talented authors have created in this book. Modern day excitement at the tip of your fingertips with each flip of the page in an anthology that leaves the imagination open to the reader. Anyone who loves erotic romance, will adore these magnificent stories. So pull up a chair and be ready to be enthralled with what these wonderful authors have to offer, with stories that will not easily be forgotten.

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