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ISBN: 1-59836-270-4
March 2006
Titan Press
$ 6.98
210 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Anna Caine believes that the man for her is on his way so she prepares with the perfect concoction.

Joseph Mayhew, Seph, has a strong desire for drinking moonshine when he is not with his wife, Chloe and son, James. After he stumbles into Anna, and drinks the cup of nasty hot tea, his life changes drastically.

James is the son of Chloe and Seph. He has a sight and soon begins to hear and feel things in the wind that grow cruel for his family.

Anna has waited for a man to come along but her happiness is short lived when she learns the man that comes to her already has a wife. She still devises a plan to have him as her lover only to find herself with child. Seph has no idea why he is being drawn to the house then drinking a cup of tea that is quite awful that makes him sleepy. After he wakes, he cannot believe he is with a woman not his wife. When he is called back to Anna and discovers she is with child, he refuses to give the child a name. James has concerns about his father after he begins hearing bizarre happenings. After Anna suffers heartbreak, she counteracts by casting an evil curse on the Mayhew family. Now with so many lives at stake, Seph may lose something most precious to him if he does not do the right thing.

Blood Born is a story that grips from the beginning and has the reader in awe as the unfolding drama springs forth with the believable characters. This intense horror often made my skin crawl with anticipation. Ms. Neeley spins a page turning terror that practically brings the characters and curse to life. One extraordinary read that deserves a 5.

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