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ISBN# 1-933417-82-X
January 2006
Ima Jinn Books
E Book
220 Pages
Vampire Urban Fantasy
Rating: 5 Cups

Anna Strong is a newly turned vampire and after being betrayed by her mentor Avery, is
a little skittish about trying to learn more about being one.  Having found a Quasi-mentor in Culebra down in Beso de la Muerte where she feeds, she is able to hide her new appetite. Being torn between her human family and her vampire ways is causing her great turmoil, and it is about to get worse.

Daniel Frey is a popular teacher at Anna’s mother’s school. When Anna is asked to provide security after a student turns up murdered, he feels her presence the instant she steps into the theater. Reaching out to her psychically during an assembly, he acknowledges her and is amused by her shock at the greeting. Is Daniel a vampire too?

Anna and Daniel begin a wary association. Anna, investigating a runaway with possible ties to the murder, questions Daniel as a possible suspect and learns more than she bargains for. Daniel, with his true concern for the students he teaches, also councils troubled teens and is unaware of the rumors that he is seducing young girls with drugs. Will these accusations be found to be true?  

Ms. Jeanne C. Stein has written a provocative page turner that caught my attention from
the first page. The heroine with her obvious love of family makes you feel both her outrage and her sense of justice and the war between the two. The hero is a misunderstood one and like all cats, is a loner. I enjoyed the intimate moments between the two. The twists and turns will keep any reader riveted.

Katherine L. Hunt
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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