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ISBN: 9781419912689
October 2005
Cerridwen Press
168 pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Special Agent Killian Gray is able to see the psychic signature of vampires. Her mother long warned her that the chatter would eventually grind the sound of them into her brain. It is a secret that could lead to her ruin. When she goes undercover into the darkness of the Valerian Vampire clan she is not too happy with the vampire that she has to work alongside. She has her own squad and really does not need his interference. As they begin to work on the case, they have to battle forces of evil that could destroy them both.

Dacon Valerian’s people have been providing safety for the Valerian Clan ever since it’s beginning. He is at the end of the line of a list of bred warriors who take their responsibilities seriously. He does not need a human to work with him. Killian gets under his skin the way she can hear things. He has his doubts working beside her since so many luring thoughts continue to enter his head.  

Blood Squad is an interesting read. The reader is taken into a world of humans and vampires as we see Dacon and Killian working closely together. Killian is a strong character who stands her ground when it comes to Dacon. I liked where she told him since he had seen the scene that he could turn around and go back to his people because she only worked with her squad. I enjoyed how Dacon fought his feelings for her because she was human. Through his eyes he saw her as weak and vulnerable as the disease she held with her physic ability was consuming her.

Rae Monet has created a sensual story that takes the reader into the future where there is so much bloodshed against the vampires and humans. She pits two opposite characters together that end up slowly becoming attracted to one another. She breathes life into the couple and gives them feelings. This story has creativity and a touch of excitement to it that was an enjoyable read.  

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