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ISBN: 978-1-59632-229-5
March 2006
Loose ID LLC
161 Pages
Rating: 5 cups

Cooper’s twin sister, Crimson, is missing. Travelling to St. Louis where Crimson lives is the place to start searching. When Cooper arrives, she realizes she will have to impersonate Crimson so she can find out what is going on. Cooper thinks she is doing a good job until Crimson’s boyfriend, Bastian DeLuca, arrives. Now Cooper is not sure of anything except her sister is missing, and she desires Bastian like no one before.

Bastian DeLuca is a vampire and he knows immediately that Cooper is not her sister. Bastian also knows he wants Cooper as he has never wanted anyone before. But first Bastian has to keep Cooper safe before he can tell her he knows who she is, and he has to find Crimson. The hardest part will be keeping his hands off Cooper.

As Bastian and Cooper continue to look for Crimson, Bastian has to tell Cooper the truth. That an enemy from the past has Crimson and wants Bastian dead. That he is a vampire, she is a conduit, and she is his mate. But will Bastian get the chance to tell Cooper, or will his enemy get to her first? Even if Bastian does beat his enemy, will Cooper want him after everything is revealed?

This story rocked! It exploded with action and to die for romance. With plenty of action, you are taken from the beginning and on the run to find Cooper’s sister, then you are thrown for a loop as things unfold and betrayals happen. Just when you think you have a chance to catch your breath, you are then in the fight of your life with the enemy. Heart pounding adventure, along with spicy romance, keeps you ensnared to the end. Vampire lovers do not want to miss this one.

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