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ISBN# 0-9790649-0-2
October 2006
Mardi Gras Publishing
15 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

The Deep South:

Danica Banks is always curious. Her Grammy Banks always calls her poppet and tells her to stay away from the huge oak growing on the property.

Robby is sexy and Cajun and after the boy disappears for a while from the tree, Danica spends time with him.

Ethan stays perched in the tree waiting for the right time to meet Danica.

Danica knows that curiosity killed the cat and after her Grammy tells her to avoid the huge oak tree, it only piques Danica’s interest more. When she started seeing the boy perched in the tree, it becomes almost an obsession with her. She began to see him more in the spring with the first rains, and even though she desired to get closer, she kept her distance and heeded Grammy’s advice. As the years passed, and the boy turned older, she was more intrigued but when she did not see him for a while, she dated Robby to fill her time. Ethan has watched Danica for a long time and when he finally enters her life, he shows her an ecstasy she has never known. While Danica prepares to attend the Harvest ball with Robby, Ethan has plans that could possibly cause changes in Danica’s life she never imagined.

Blood on the Harvest is ingeniously written and hooks the reader from the first page. The character of Danica, not to mention the mystery behind the oak tree, intrigued me. Ethan’s alluring persona comes off with such magnitude; it glues the reader to the story. Stella and Audra Price kept this reader guessing until the end with the outcome of Danica and her man of mystery. I enjoyed the atmosphere that the story offered and felt almost bewitched by the setting in this tantalizing read.

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