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ISBN# 978-0-9801777-4-9
December 2008
Mystic Moon Press
208 Pages
Blood Tear Trilogy, Supernatural, Dark Fantasy, Vampire, Shapeshifter
Rating: 4 Cups

Aloisia Zanadel is a fighter with a tattoo of a Zanadel Zâintili’s Blood Tear on her back. At the age of sixteen, she must learn the duty of being an Avenger and protecting the city.

Asher recently moved to the city of Clions, along with his brother. On his first date with Aloisia, he really strikes up a fancy for her. Asher wants to be a part of her life.

Aloisia does not like speaking about Blood Tear since she sees it as a burden, a brand that must decorate her back. She and her dad are the only Avengers able to protect the city and Body from the Bloodbanes. While on a date, with good friend, Danielle, she meets Asher, who recently moved to Clions. He would like to learn more about her, but she does not like to disclose too much about her family. After her father falls prey to an entrapment, Aloisia is thrown into the midst of fighting Cinder, a Pyroenchanter, who travels the world killing young female Avengers. While Aloisia is determined to protect her loved ones, the Pyroenchanter vows to claim her.

The Burning Rose is a fast-paced read that is action packed with lots of thrills and chills keeping this reader breathless. There were times I could see and feel the actions, getting the feel of Aloisia in the midst of battle while watching her struggle to save those she loves. I found it an engaging well-written story that spins creativity, macho characters, and a feisty heroine, ready to take on the world. Corrine Shroud incorporates a riveting plot, keeping one on the edge, while guessing who will outdo who in this thriller that grabs and clings to the reader even after the story if finished. I found it absolutely entertaining.

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