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ISBN# (10)0-312-36779-1/(13)978-0-312-36779-1-4
July 2008
St. Martin’s Press
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
288 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Hannah Lone would like to find the right man to fulfill her fantasies. She just got out of a relationship because boyfriend, Grey, could not say three little words. More than anything she wants to find the right guy to give her that extra sexual pleasure.

Jeremy Smith is simply known as J.M., named after two grandfathers. He is teaching the course, Kama Sutra for the Beginner, at the University. Educating Hannah how to release her inhibitions is right up his alley.

Hannah wants to fight her hang-ups. She still cares deeply for Grey, even though he really could not commit the way she wanted. Then again she was never able to achieve the complete satisfaction when they made love. Grey even signed them up for the Kama Sutra class but she feels like she is not able to attend with him present. Her sister, Grace, the holistic healer, thinks she should still go to the classes then J.M. enters her life, and everything turns hot. J.M. likes Spring Falls and the quaint friendly university town. He also likes the coffee shop across the campus, where he can enjoy Earl Grey tea, and get a glimpse of Hannah. She has a sweet innocence to her. When he enters at closing time, he gets much more than a cup of tea. Hannah cannot get over the sensations that J.M. brands to her body, yet she still has lingering thoughts of missing Grey. With two men hot and heavy on her mind, and heart, will she finally be able to discharge all her inhibitions?

Be really prepared to do more than just blush when you read Blush. This read is not just hot, it is flaming hot. Hannah, Grey and J.M. are well-developed characters. They take the audience on a heated ride not soon to forget. There were moments that still stick inside my head. Opal Carew has molded an entertaining erotic romance with characters that interact beautifully together. The three know how to make a relationship work to their advantage. I enjoyed how she incorporated Grace into the puzzle trying to offer any help she can to her sister. The ending left me speechless. Great work, Ms. Carew.

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