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ISBN: # 0-446-69641-2
November 2005
Warner Books, Time Warner Book Club
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$13.95 US/$18.95 Canada
312 Pages
Christian Romance/Inspirational
Rating: 4 Cups

Assistant Principal LaShondra Smith wants a lasting relationship with the right man. One who is strong, positive, and completely loves God. A fine example is the man in the Bible, Boaz, and the perfect black man that completely resembles Boaz would be her choice. LaShondra finally faces her equivalent when she meets Stetson, a man who blends with her repartee, style, and Christian values. Unfortunately, Stetson is white, which conflicts with many of the beliefs that she and those around her grew up with.

Stetson Brown is an engineer and a faithful man of God. He and LaShondra connect and are attracted to each other. In no time they face challenges with racial issues and how others react to their relationship. Is their love for each other and their faith in God enough to overcome their impending obstacles?

Boaz Brown explores racial issues still prominent in our time. LaShondra confronts problems with her father and her job when she starts dating a white man. The school administration questions her readiness to deal with diversity issues and her father harbors prejudice and hate from a terrible secret that crushed his faith in the white man. She loves Stetson but her ties to her family are stronger and she finds herself torn. She questions how her parents can be filled with Christian attributes and still hold the prejudices of the past near their heart, especially since times are changing.

Michelle Simpson’s extraordinary novel draws an incredible line with racial issues in our everyday life. She pens a story with prejudice, wrath, and a true romance that educates a brave and daring lesson that many are afraid to enter. Ms. Simpson has written a heartfelt book that everyone should read. Her story enlightens in many ways and makes this an amazing read by telling of a glorious faith and the wonderful love God grants to all with lessons sometimes learned the hard way, but with a great advantage.

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