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ISBN: 978-1-60054-236-7
May 23, 2008
101 Pages
Fantasy / Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Bonamy Parker is a perfectionist in the extreme. Her life at home and at work is kept under the strictest control. She abhors a sloppy or lazy attitude towards anything.

Clyde Barow is new to Seattle, and maybe a bit lonely. He has had a few dates, but he has yet to meet the right woman. However, his neighbor has definitely caught his eye, now if he could just catch hers.

Bonamy’s life is a routine of very controlled and precise actions. Her doctor calls this “perfectionist syndrome”, but she calls it orderly. Today, however, is anything but, and it only is getting worse. With a gremlin on the loose, Bonamy and Clyde find themselves at the mercy of everything electronic. Bonamy cannot understand why everything in her apartment is going haywire, and Clyde is experiencing much of the same. Dipuc the Gremlin loves to stir up trouble, and as long as no one gets hurt, his master allows him his fun. He especially likes the lovely black haired lady and all her little gadgets. When the chaos becomes too much, Clyde and Bonamy flee from their respective apartments. Bonamy has finally lost all control, and with the help of Clyde she may just learn to like it.

Take a deep breath and dig right in to this tantalizingly hot little read. It will literally knock your socks off. Ms. Dominique gives her characters a passion that fulfills the readers’ every fantasy. The storyline is naughty and nice in all the right ways, and definitely entertaining. The fantasy element in the story is subtle, and very unique. The gremlins would make this a fantastic start to a series. One I would love to continue reading!

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